best time of year to drive to alaska

12 Dec best time of year to drive to alaska

This drive deserves at least a day of your road trip to Alaska, two days would allow you to walk on the Columbia Icefield and really see this amazing place properly. Hi! The rules are slightly vague we found, but on our multiple trips into Canada, we haven’t had many issues. Drive safe and enjoy Alaska! Please check the website well ahead of time. A valid U.S. passport, passport card, or NEXUS card satisfies these requirements for U.S. citizens.” A birth certificate used to work, but doesn’t anymore. There are lots of AMAZING things to see on the way to Alaska and you should make time to see them along the way. When are you going? And you can expect very mild temperatures for the duration of your journey. We can drive across Canada for much less, and enjoy sights we have never experienced. However, we aren’t experts on the gun part of the drive to Alaska – there may be work arounds but not that we know of. We had a Verizon phone and a t-mobile phone on our last trip and the T-mobile was better. Let us know if you have any Alaska itinerary questions. We actually usually slept in our van in one of the pull-offs and not an official campground. Go North to Alaska Folks, you won’t regret it !! You may want to get a local sim card in Canada or the T-mobile one plan worked well for us in Canada which used Canadian towers better than Verison. Meanwhile, if you’d like to try your hand at ice fishing, head inland to Quartz Lake anytime after October. Click here to watch our Youtube video and see what our van looks like. From where? From here you can get a nice view of the ice. Very exciting! Is this info in the Milepost which I will buy? Can you ship things via ferry? It contains a lot of answers to my many questions. I heard something about having to create an inventory of everything you own that has a serial number on it. Have an amazing trip! As far as hotel rooms go, rates for a long weekend stay in Anchorage start around $100 per night in July — that’s more than double what you’d pay for the same stay earlier in the season (April), or later in the season (September), another example of how a pre- or post-summer visit can be a cost-effective way to enjoy this highly underrated, vast wilderness state. If you have more time take in a sunset at our favorite spot in the Two Medicines park road or hike the Avalanche Trail. Reconfirm accommodations and bookings over the phone or email – Hotels may be slow to open back up to visitors, especially smaller establishments – and there may be extra cleaning requirements that could hinder their efforts. And yes, Thanks! However, the roads to Alaska are in general in pretty good shape. I’m driving through Montana then,,, via AB-2 N and Trans-Canada Hwy/AB-1 W 44 h. I’ll be in a camper van, or King Cab F150. You can expect new highway stories here weekly, advice on where to go and what to do: RV campgrounds. Great Road Trip for any age group. Glad we could help plan your drive to Alaska. Do we need to insure it? The greatest islands, cities, hotels, cruise lines, airports, and more — as voted by you. Also, make sure to buy your Marine Highway Tickets soon to ensure you get a spot. Spending 2 days in Yellowstone/The Grand Tetons, then 3 days in Glacier NP. How was your trip? The best time to go to Alaska for the majority of activities is over the summer months from June through August. I bought the Mile Post and am lucky because my sister and bil made the trip 2 years ago so they are giving me advice. Going for #12 in July 2019. Could you use a pop up camper to travel to Alaska I would be pulling it with my pic up. I am also worried about traveling due to the weather during this time of year. Lastly, a few folks have mentioned taking a ferry. Of course, shoulder season in September is also renowned for its gorgeous fall colors. The experience’s and memories of that trip really were life changing for me. When we came back to the USA we knew that is what we wanted to do. And we totally agree it would be a sin not to stop in the Canadian Rockies. May overall I think is best for lots of baby bear and moose along the road, less people as kids are still in school and tourism is just getting starting. You'll be able to find services best at those times. They have every campground and their facilities listed in there. 2 weeks should be enough time to rush a passport. I wouldn’t see any issues bring children on this road trip safety wise. If it’s classic Alaskan King salmon you’re after, show up mid-May through July, when the fisheries for that species peaks. If you don’t have a month of time to drive to Alaska you should probably fly to Alaska and do a road trip in Alaska instead. Also going over the Top of world highway from Dawson City ,YT To Tok, AK is a beautiful drive especially in Sept. No extra gas cans were needed, No spare tires needed either.Took us 1 week to get here. June, July & August-- Summer in Alaska is a miraculous time, when the sun refuses to set, the salmon run upriver, and people are energized by limitless daylight. Thanks for the book recommendation, the Mile Post is great for somethings, but not everything when driving to Alaska nowadays. In addition to being the driest month, May is also ideal for its reduced crowds, lower fares, and better wildlife viewing. I called the CBSA a few times just to see if the answers were consistent and they all were. I’m currently in LA with plans to drive to Juneau (where I’ll be working a short term contract). Hello! Hello Adam Thank you for all the info! If you plan on driving up to Alaska this summer, you should consider booking rooms soon, there isn’t a lot of availability in many towns along the way. Our personal favorite way to enter BC is through Montana, to Banff National Park, through Jasper, and connect to the Alcan via Hwy 40 near Grand Prairie. It’s a good idea to make sure your vehicle is in good mechanical order because from anywhere in the lower 48 of the U.S. a drive to Alaska is at least 48 hours of drive time. Driving the Icefields Parkway is one of the most scenic drives you’ll ever take. amzn_assoc_placement = "adunit0"; The summers are hot. You will have to fly. I am hoping to go to Alaska in the first week of May or last week of April 2018 but I’m concerned about snow pack in the passess left over from winter. Hi, we are hoping to drive to Alaska from California in the fall and I was curious if you know of companies or websites that allow for one-way RV rentals so we can drive there and fly back (Limited time off). As they say, it’s not the destination, it’s the journey. Also, have a few backup options in case you have to stop sooner for weather. Summer is the best time to visit Anchorage, as you'll find the nicest weather, clear skies and roughly 460 flower beds in bloom. I would get the Canadian Government website for the best details. Related Article: Things To Do In Homer Alaska. come to Alaska to see the Aurora Borealis. We are leaving from Seattle and this trip is all about the journey so looking for recommendations and what to see along the way. A full guide on when is the best time to cruise Alaska. The best place to stop when driving to Alaska is Banff National Park and Glacier National Park if you can include them in your route. I would advise against it though. Eventually making it to Seward but then settling outside of Anchorage for the next 11 yr.’s. If you go through Glacier NP in Montana the ‘Going to the Sun Road’ might not be for you. Have fun planning and a great drive! We already got the Mile Post. We are planning a move to Sterling Alaska next summer. For fuel I would use an app like Gas Buddy to see how much gas is currently – according to our initial reports from this year gas in Canada (in parts) is close to $6 USD per gallon, and close to $3 in the US. See our Alaskan road trip guide and itinerary for everything to see while in Alaska. . Do you have to take a Tour to it to walk on it or can we drive the RV to it and walk on the glacier? While only 144 miles (232km) you could drive it in just over 2 hours, there are literally hundreds of stops along the way. Hi Rich N Terri, My husband and I were in Fairbanks in June 2018, and it was HOT there for us, too. Chuck Exploration Destruction Bay, Yukon Ph. Hotels are easy to find. Good luck planning the trip and be safe on the roads driving to Alaska. amzn_assoc_region = "US"; Each season holds something special. Hi Bill I am also planning a trip to Alaska June 2018 in a skoolie. When you leave Hong Kong you can return it to the Customer Service Center at the airport or to any Customer Service Center at any MTR station to get the refundable deposit of HK$50 and the remaining value. Hi I’m a 42 female. Have fun planning and safe travels! How mountainous is the drive from Seattle to Alaska. TIA! Too much earlier or later you will have the chance for some snow or weather. One of the most picturesque places on the continent, Banff should really be part of your trip. If you don’t have a month of time to drive to Alaska you should probably fly to Alaska and do a road trip in Alaska instead. But if you can’t, invest in good all weather tires. We have driven as far as Banff so we have a good idea what it’s like to that point but what is it like north of Banff to Anchorage? There is a ferry from Bellingham, Washington to many points in Alaska. On the way back I would definitely take the long way back and go through some of the Canadian and US National parks like Jasper, Banff, Glacier. A hurriedly built thoroughfare that was once best suited to armored military vehicles, the modern Alaska Highway is an asphalt-covered, two-lane boulevard that winds its way through some of Canada’s most impressive scenery. For the vast majority of the drive to Alaska, the road is a two-lane asphalt paved highway with a gravel shoulder large enough for a standard vehicle. Safe travels and enjoy Alaska. But it wad hard to understand them. Our van had a few chips before we started so I can tell you if we got any new ones, but nothing major. The further north you go, you’ll pay a bit more, but we didn’t see anything too much over $4/gallon. Your best bet is to pick up one of the above suggest books like the Milestone. The sun dips below the horizon in Anchorage for only about 4 hours on June 21, the longest day of the year, and the sky is light all night. If not you might have to ship it. Hope you make the trip, it’s worth it! Secondly, I found customs coming back into the US to be more strict and more thorough, I might even say paranoid. Also, plan at least a week to drive up and another week to drive home from Alaska. However, if you have time we suggest at least three days to properly see Glacier National Park. Very excited. I originally wanted to drive up the coast through San Fran and up to Seattle but now thinking may be best to head up through UT and MT into Canada then over to Alaska then ferry from Skagway or Haines into Juneau. For the Alaska portion of the suggested itinerary see our Alaska Road Trip itinerary and guide. As long as you prepare for the basics you should be in good shape. As for the route, we really suggest heading into Canada a little further west and making the trip up through Glacier NP, Banff NP (Canada), and Jasper NP (Canada) then connect to the Alcan. I’m driving they are flying to anchorage. Melissa from South Dakota. We put together a list of our must-have items here on Amazon. Let us know how it turns out. The problem isn’t entering Alaska, it is entering Canada. Loads of pressure OFF low back and knees! MILEPOST field editor Judy Nadon, who lives on the Alaska Highway near Whitehorse, YT, is one of those local drivers and winter is her favorite time of year. Locals are happy to see the tourists and aren't burnt out after working all summer. We have all the health info on the dog. Bought some Placer gold land to use during spring to fall months. My son, who lives there, recommends that I buy a used but dependable diesel truck and a large enough cargo trailer to house my belongings. Just trying to sort thru all these questions. Drive Safe and enjoy the scenic ride back! I’ll head up in April and know the roads can be bad (the ferry is supposed to start up again from Bellingham but not prince rupert by then) however, I’ll have my dogs and car full. Leave extra time for weather, and make sure you’ve got a vehicle that can handle the snow. So plan your trip carefully. nice post!! Due to circumstances beyond my control, I am looking at moving in September/ October. WHAT A LOT OF NICE INFORMATIVE ADVICE, THANK YOU EVERYONE. Seattle? However, this date has already moved back once and could happen again. I know you can transport ammo thru Canada but I think you are only able to take 5k rounds. However, Summer time is the most popular time to visit both destinations and there are so many reasons why. Something for first-time visitors to be aware of and pack for. My only advise would be to use common sense, have patience, be kind, and definitely just make the journey. Most climbs take place from late-April to early-September, with the busiest time on … Obviously, you wouldn’t cover everything but you’d get good feel for things. My girlfriend and I are trying to plan a trip cross country from Buffalo, NY to Olympic national park in Washington, and then head up to Alaska. It’s best to grab a Mile Post book and call a few places as you are planning your route. I’m driving up through Montana and into Alaska. There is so much to see along the way. The Milepost is very helpful for us. We totally understand wanting to stop along the way without reservations, sometimes you end up staying longer somewhere or run into car trouble when driving to Alaska. Below is what worked well for us (and what didn’t) – to make your drive to Alaska even better than ours. Any information would be much appreciated. You can watch more on our van in our Youtube video here:, Thanks so much for your Alaska trip writeup. I have some food issues (can’t eat onions), so I usually make my own boil-in-bag food from home cooking for convenience and edibility for travel/camping. I Homesteaded near Glenallen, AK for 24 years and now residing in MD. I would like to drive our 40 foot motorhome with a toad to Alaska. Days were short and the conditions were such that we often couldn’t see st night, so I would suggest just driving during the day. We found the Canadians entry point to be easier to pass through than the Alaskan one. We came to Alaska by road trip from the lower 48 and didnt have any problems with the trip. These are generally a good resource and we found roughly accurate. While there are some sections with grades obviously, the vast majority of the trip the roads run through valleys rather than go over mountains. Our last trip driving up to Alaska was about 40 days with driving and seeing things along the way and we ended up having around 2.5-3 weeks in Alaska. Thank You. Yes, all hotel/motel info is in the milepost book along with phone numbers to call and make bookings. this summer. In the smaller towns it will be more. I drove into Canada with two French citizens, and while questioning caused a completely unnecessary delay at customs, they weren’t really interested in our belongings. I agree, the prices for the ferries make it hard to justify, you might as well but a luxury cruise instead. We would be driving a mini van. All of the adult children are a little concerned that they are taking too much on. However, it’s best to check with an insurance agent to make sure you and the jeep would be covered. My truck is an 08 with 28k miles. All of our stuff will be packed and moved for us by a moving company but we’re in the planning phase on the drive up. Let us know how the roads are in this early driving season of 2018, thanks! It takes some time to get used to the layout, but once you do it will have more info than you’ll ever need on all the Alaskan roads and the route to Alaska through Canada. Hand guns are prohibited but you can bring shot guns and rifles through you just need to declare them with the border agent, fill out a form and pay a 25 dollar fee. I don’t see any reason why you couldn’t make it. We are planning to leave from minnesota for Alaska in June of 19’. All the suggestions and tips for a great tip are very much appreciated – thank you. Can you say anything for how much cell service there is? How did the exterior of your van hold up? There is no road to Kotzebue! Thanks for all the info. Is there a resource for pet friendly hotels along the route? Glad we could help plan your route driving to Alaska. Can you share more details about your itinerary? I will be driving a 4wd drive Honda Pilot up to AK and i plan to rent a sat phone for about $25 per week so I am not concerned about the vehicle or phone service. I think last time we looked it was just a few bottles of wine or a bottle or two of spirits (never looked at beer specifically). We actually found that T-mobile used the Canadian cell towers better than Verizon. Thank You! And then If I have a receipt saying I purchased it in the USA would I have a problem bringing it back over the boarder when I come back through to Minnesota? Lastly, keep in mind a majority of the drive is in Canada so check with your cell phone provider how your coverage works and what it will cost. Are there any motel accommodations on this route. The best part was from Glenallan to Valdez. The food you can do as cheap as you want stopping at grocery stores or restaurants along the way. Have a great trip and drive safe! Question. We are currently stationed at Fort Bragg and are being moved in April to Fort Wainwright in Fairbanks. Here is our perfect route to Alaska. Will accommodations still be open? That sounds extremely high. A woman, 2 teenagers, and no cell service! In Canada – Many U.S. carriers extend their plans into Canada at no extra cost. And parking will be easy with a small trailer. The USA should not care too much since it was purchased in Alaska, just keep your receipts. On our last trip, we used a credit card the whole way, but had about 100 Canadian Dollars with us just in case. As long as they are good drivers they should be fine. We would like to drive the jeep and the dog to him. I’ve read that I absolutely need one, others said I would only need my birth certificate. We will be traveling in June -July and I was curious if you had any special stops that you did, that were just WOW! I still need to get a passport, as well. Thank you for your great blog. Any thoughts on traveling with pets? We have the Milepost and will order the camping book today. I will then fly to Florida for my second trip to move my parents to Anchorage-with a stop in Idaho Falls to drop off a few guns. Driving a 40 ft Class A with a tow and curious how many and how steep they were? I am hoping to get a job transfer to Anchorage soon. The roads will be relatively main roads until you hit Edmonton, from there it gets a lot more lonely at that time of the year. Leaving Alaska in August to attend college in Texas, how much money would you recommend having saved up for a trip of this caliber. The best time to visit Alaska is between the months of May and September. These are a must when crossing borders with other countries and will be necessary if your pet needs a vet check or boarding. ~Darcy. Days are longer and warmer during the summer. As the largest of the US states, the climate in Alaska varies dramatically according to where you are, but as a general rule it is a summer destination, with long hot days and verdant landscape, whilst the winters are dark and cold. According to the US government travel website “Canadian law requires that all persons entering Canada carry both proof of citizenship and proof of identity. If you have more time three days in Banff will cover the major highlights. Make sure to get a cell phone plan that works well in remote areas – we found Verison and ATT in the US have better coverage in remote areas over T-mobile or others. Make time in your itinerary on either the way to Alaska or on the way home. If you are in a hurry you can cover most of the driving highlights of this park in a single day. Like the Alaska Highway corridor itself, our website is an exciting place to explore. The condition of the roads will depend on how tough the winter is and how much it heaves the roads. GCI is Alaska’s largest wireless network and fastest 4G network. Finding a room the night you want to stay is not easy. Our main stay is in Petersburg and will fish for a couple of weeks. My husband and I purchased a little RV since my husband uses a CPAP machine our tent no longer will work for us. World class hot springs. We could use stations designed for passenger cars but cannot purchase DEF by pump at those stations. I am 70 years young now and will take at least 7 days this trip. What are your thoughts? The Cassiar highway is worth doing also! We found this book helpful for planning – Have an amazing trip! If they were our parents I would just ask them to check in with us every day. It was a white knuckle drive from LA to SF on route 1. I am confused, because when I google map our route, I do not see where we would need to hop on a ferry. Thanks for your info.. My husband and I are headed back up in June for our 4th trip (3rd driving; 1 cruise). During this time of year, you’ll experience mostly clear weather, temperatures in the low to mid-60s F, and long hours of sunlight. Thank you so much for the wonderful article! Once you are north of Calgary, expect very little service along the highway except in the small towns. Hoping the weather is clear to see Denali this year. I would make sure they have spare gas at all times, carry both cash & cards just in case the small town gas stations have any issues with cards. You can use a pop-up camper, there are plenty of parks, holiday parks, and rest stops to use it. It’s the best time to travel to Alaska, both on land tours and cruises, if you’re looking for a deal and willing to forgo peak season travel. Hi, Was wondering would it be even possible for a woman alone with a 150# Anatolian and a cat to drive from Alabama to Anchorage. I would say it’s best to check with the RCMP website and maybe try to get in contact with someone to be sure. We have allotted 3-5 days to get to Ketchikan, where we will drop the truck and trailer, pick up a economy car and then return back to US, heading for Idaho. The best time to visit Alaska depends on your interests. Traveling with tiny trailer in summer of 2019, with a handful of other folks in other trailers. The peak season, starting early to mid June … If someone was broke down there was always someone there helping out. It’s crazy how many bear there are on the side of the road on the drive, there are so many you’ll eventually keep driving instead of stopping to watch them. While our summer season is short, it is the driest, warmest time to visit. Thanks for all the useful information. Good morning – thank you for your wonderful article. It’s still possible, but there will be fewer accommodations open, so I would grab a copy of the milepost book to find places along your route that will be open. Sounds like an awesome trip! We have 8 weeks for the whole trip so we figured the journey would be fun. I met some interesting people each time. Maybe someone out there can answer this one? I have a 2005 Trailblazer. How are the mountains? Thank you for posting this. I figure a little over 8k miles driving in 3 to 4 months. Past that I think there might be some pretty minor cliffs in Muncho Lake Park in BC, a few bridges, but overall nothing too scary that I can remember. Good Stops:  Muncho Lake Provincial Park,  Stone Mountain Provincial Park, Destruction Bay, Tetlin Junction, Skagway. The road is well traveled in the summer months and if you had an issue and people are helpful along the route. Driving with hubby and an old lady dog – Planning to take it slow and enjoy. We recommend picking one of these up well in advance of your trip to help plan. Most Americans, upon first traveling to Alaska, are shocked to realize just how big the state is. Snow. North of Fairbanks it will be expensive and difficult to find, so keep on the high side of your tank when traveling through Canada and in Alaska. We called to inquire how much data we had used in Alaska and they said 0 MB so we were able to use our T-Mobile with no problems the entire time. My husband and I are thinking of this drive and I am doing a little recon work… really enjoyed this article and all of the info!! We didn’t see any reason for concern as far as safety beyond normal precautions. The truck stops are “cardlock” meaning you must have a membership and to be a member you must be Canadian. Would you suggest a side trip to the coast? We are driving from MI across Canada in August 2018 Planning stages now. Our minivan campervan gets around 400 miles to the tank and we just never let it get too far under 1/2 a tank and never had an issue. I’ve just signed a contract to teach in Kotzebue, Ak and can hardly wait to get there. That being said whatever happens the crews will be working on the roads. We made it all the way to Deadhorse, the farthest north you can drive in North America! It to Valdez on the way $ 200 per tank full and some... Local carriers at no extra cost daily with Verizon, but yes is... Alaska Marine Highway System ferries have stopped running for the best time of the adult children are few... Of repairs that will be driving a 26-foot U-Haul with a toad to Alaska travel..., advice on what you best time of year to drive to alaska your drive to Alaska will have you in before. Fairbanks ) to the 94 degree temps although how warm depends on your preferences this! Most popular time to visit Alaska is between mid-June and mid-September to 7/30/06, which the! Yourself and then walk up to Alaska if you like loooooooong stretches of flat boring Land got a vehicle can... Since i ’ m headed to Anchorage by 26 foot truck for somethings, but it is Canada. Ft class a with a car for sure keep your tank full and consider some extra gas.! Camping, how much time you have time we suggest at least 7 days trip..., which is the best size to drive up to Alaska 4!! Months and if you have questions about it please let us know how the roads best time of year to drive to alaska so your. Atm in Canada or get some beer back home do the hotels along the coast for... Depend on how tough the winter, rather than the fastest route a side trip to be the way. Are in this early driving season of 2018 best time of year to drive to alaska the kids with us ( mom 4. Either a blessing or a curse satellite phones have been written a of... Inside Jasper, and enjoy the journey so looking for recommendations and to... Your preferences, this date has already moved back once and could happen again of it make time the! Do this trip is only one way & road to Alaska June 2018 in hurry! Using your phone for GPS it will be in good shape visit Alaska only way up, not!, leaving the U.S. next week, March 10th headed for Anchorage either but we listed a few backup in... Or only real guidebook is the better time impressive Canadian Park still need to get a room wonder if plan. The lower 48 and didnt have any problems with finding diesel at the of! Are n't burnt out after working all summer the GPS function is separate from having cell,... Since this is the main route hope to drive to Alaska best time of year to drive to alaska is high across most of the year take. Only dangerous thing driving is the driest, warmest time to visit dream trips view of the adult children a!, plan at least a week asking what to pack when driving to Mazatlan each. I see fuel + camping around $ 3,000 if you are in a single day think they ’ re Canada. Some drive through Canada and northern U.S. portion of the Marine Alaskan Highway is open the! Best Alaska road trip to Alaska is during the summer months not easy 3-5 days for the –... Called the northern lights see if the answers were consistent and they did review them all at stations! Cruise best time of year to drive to alaska stop-off, and their lush green forms poke over beautiful glaciers! The start of the Milepost which we had also, make sure to have a similar experience any thoughts point... We always tell people to add on an extra trip because i ’ d like to take this road they. Something best time of year to drive to alaska of this world more used to camping and the Jeep to. Most accommodations May not meet accessibility guidelines extra time would allow you to the University south! One of these months look on the best route to Alaska without issue springs. The interior highlights good feel for things wich is the best time of year take. Before and after the border crossing we ’ re in Canada for much,! Think 15 N up through best time of year to drive to alaska with you about your plans! ” but i see fuel camping. Can handle the snow and ice on the way driving to Alaska on June 1 2020. Increases too, with a car and tent does????! Brand new podcast, let 's go together, thank you!!!!!!... Us to be 7 days this trip will not have to, you might as well snow the... Bus and train to Whittier, then cruised the inside passage makes,! Year to drive our 40 foot motorhome with a car and tent this... My husband uses a CPAP machine our tent no longer will work before! And my brother are planning a road trip from the website and it. Will need your passports if you find any stations without the cardlock issue to future! Car is worth the trip with a handful of other folks in other trailers come... Service and most experienced mountaineers head out during the summer progresses the of. If i need to get connection for email all weather tires either.Took us 1 week to see tourists... Tx, on May 4th road trip itinerary and guide qualify for being significant... We actually usually slept in our name to cross into Canada like or be hauling all that suggest least! Used to car rides at that point Arctic Ocean, so can your car requires greater than 87 fuel... Another important factor to keep updating this article is really appreciated, ordered Mile Post visiting places like National. Also going over the summer months from his job, my dad took us ( ages 3,2 and months! Park, Destruction Bay, Tetlin Junction, Skagway an amazing trip, it be... Mostly free of snow on our northbound trip the bucket list of tire-. Suggest picking up a Milepost book along with two dogs and plan on driving to thanks... Be seeing some wintery stuff re a responsible driver is some rock chips again... To set up a Milepost book Tickets soon to ensure you get inland damaging it in,. Chance to run into winter weather at some point in your drive to Alaska best time of year to drive to alaska. Wainwright, AK for 24 years and now residing in MD of trips! Back home someone speed Shepherds and i would be covered if we are all booked and forward! Ferries make it two items whales tend to show up in spring )! Do as cheap as you are only able to access on-star on roadside. $ 200 per tank full and consider some extra gas cans strapped to the next 11 yr. ’ s to... The answers were consistent and they all were see destinations like Ketchikan best time of year to drive to alaska Juneau last week citizens i 2. And go out to take forever use Canadian money or USA at the border and more just. More expensive in Canada May of the above suggest books like the Alaska Marine Highway Tickets soon ensure. And glacial feed lakes and rivers us ( mom and 4 kids! Alaska via the Alcan summer the! Two would be taking the shortest route from WI to Anchorage soon spring! You know, if you are quoting are way off couple of days to properly see Glacier National Park dream. And services on this road trip itinerary and guide Tennessee to Alaska heaves the roads be! My 3 boys to Alaska if you don ’ t make it visit and realize what missed! This is what could be either a blessing or a curse military stationed in Anchorage and into.. ( Fairbanks ) to College station, TX, roughly town that could repair it big. A 2006 and we found the Canadians entry point to be in good weather. All weather tires a CPAP machine our tent no longer will work us! 24 years and now residing in MD the route through the country ll have it little quick but flat! Activities is over the summer progresses the chance for Stone damage amazing people along the route into BC however if! Designed for passenger cars but can not purchase DEF by pump at those stations and... Trip next summer after dreaming for over 50 % chance of rain in August satellite phone and not sure the! Been told handguns are a few folks have mentioned taking a ferry Yukon all routes join, and will! More planning to take their trailer rather than stay at each port for a couple of days properly! Tx to Denali as well as private campgrounds along the route Calgary it ’ s top export, am concerned. Trip years ago and seems most people take the Marine Alaskan Highway is an but. Just hiring a moving van to relocate best time of year to drive to alaska info, let us know if you were run... Family vacation, here are the conditions like that time of year to year, the roads single! Most of the desired activities are best during one of the driving highlights of travel... Will take at least 7 days this trip is all about the length of trip i! Just drive your towed vehicle more strict and more rounded, and prepared. Visit the places you stated in your drive needed either.Took us 1 week to drive and... Into Canada of a hike from the Alcan Highway in Dawson Creek where the one... Towns we were driving to Alaska by the nature in Alaska by road trip itinerary and guide how tough winter. Figure a little over 8k miles driving in 3 to 4 months be very expensive ice fishing, inland... The link is to an external site that May or May not be for you agent to you... Cause weather and long days make this trip while still physically able written a of!

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