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12 Dec mobile home park problems

The police are constantly in here, no dogs over 25 lbs, but there are pit bulls loose, and other lg dogs. You could still be ordered to pay the rent, so set the money aside just in case. I have owned and lived in my mobile home for seven years now and love it! All we do is Mobile Home Parks, we’ve literally hundreds of them so far, we're running and turning around dozens of parks right now, and we’re very good at what we do. You should at least try to report them to your attorney general’s office or your state agency that oversees manufactured homes (I’d say Texas has a HUD department, though). Others rent the mobile home from the park owner. The problem as I see it is that owners/managers seem to think that they have the right bully people, and if you don’t like it then you will be evicted? In this Aug. 30th 2019 photo shows residents of Lamplighter Village, a manufactured and mobile home park, spending time outdoors in their community in Federal Heights, Colo. Across Colorado, where the housing crisis impacts both rural and urban towns, the strife between mobile home park residents and park owners approaches a boiling point. We also requested he consider putting in a drop box so tenant’s could pay their rent this way. A park is only as good as it’s management and boy, I’ve heard about some terrible managers. The owner of the mobile home is responsible for water and septic pipes above the ground. Have you waited a reasonable amount of time and the park owner or mobile home owner still hasn’t fixed the problem? Some of the older models are scattered through trailer parks and they can get quite cold in the winter and cause high heating bills. Many electrical problems are a symptom of water damage. But with a small woodstove he is using 1/2 a cord all winter and it heats the whole place. I understand a lot of parks aren’t like that. Financial Help for Past-Due Utility Bills in Vermont — Apply by Dec. 15, Vermonters Can Apply for Money for Rent or Moving, Take Action if You Have Not Received a Stimulus Payment from the IRS, COVID-19 Coronavirus: Legal and Benefits Updates for Vermonters, Ask legal questions through Vermont’s Free Legal Answers program, Reduced-fee legal help through VT Bar Association’s Modest Means Project, Probate Court (Estates, Wills, Guardianships and More), Medicaid, Dr. Dynasaur & Vermont Health Connect, Deciding How Your Property Will Be Distributed. Hacienda Village Co-Op Inc. Playing favorites, is ugly. Accept Yes! Great tips, Tobey, thanks so much for taking the time to comment! Don’t be—you don’t need to be a roofing pro to make sure the mobile home is leak-free. You would probably need to speak to a real estate agent to get the best answers to your questions. We have around 170 lots and when people come to visit from out of the area, they can easily get lost in here. Contemporary Design Showcased in Remodeled Single Wide, Betsey Johnson’s One of a Kind Mobile Home, Diagnose and Repair Common Vent Issues in Your Plumbing System, How to Paint Vinyl Walls and Remove Battens in Mobile Homes, How to Replace Subflooring in a Mobile Home, Homeowner’s Complete Mobile Home Siding Guide, 3 Remedies for Yellow Bathtubs in Mobile Homes. That really causes problems. IN your article, you stated that the greatest advantage of living in a mobile home park is affordability and you get to enjoy the perks of home ownership without the burden of paying a property tax or having to maintain the land and utilities. I have found that going vocal on social media (in a respectful manner) will at least gain the attention of the park owners (they usually have no idea what is going on in the parks as long as the money is right every month). Being single I can go anywhere but i love new england seasons… Danny. I live in a park that is very heavily wooded. If the landlord fails to fix the problem within 30 days, you can deduct the amount from your rent. Free eMag for new subscribers! We can’t have non-op cars or those without current tags. I was evicted from pine Haven campground located I. I sold my double wide home in Yucca Valley, Ca. Any thoughts? My grandfather bought it in the 60’s, my mother then became manager, and now I am the next in line to take over! We took Attorney advise and sent certified Packets of mail to the Florida State Attorney General Ashley Moody and the State Office of the Professional Business Regulation and BOTH LOST THE PAPERWORK ! I live in a mobile home park, and I LOVE it! Hi Crystal, thanks for a great article. Hi Hunter! I was given the notice at 10 am and had to vacate the premises by 12 noon. We live in a mobile home park. Go above the manager’s head and make sure the owners know what’s happening. Mobile home plumbing is one of our most popular topics. Typically, if you are placing a manufactured home in a park you will need to pay cash for the home or finance it through a manufactured home dealership. The management is so dumb as to try to and so far gotten away with operating the entire operation as one business and writes and reascends rules and regulations so frequent that the running joke is if the manager’s mouth is moving you could know she was lying. We LOVE it!! Looks are deceiving! As long as you evacuate when needed and keep your favorite things protected as well as possible, you can live comfortably in a beautiful state and in an affordable home. The yard thing bothers me too….Some care, some don’t. Best of luck! If … Ideally, every park would be managed well and kept clean but unfortunately that isn’t the case. Our professional consulting services go beyond simple property management. We are very unhappy at this park and are going to sell and buy a little home. Notify the owner of the mobile home of the problems you are having. I don’t sell homes or even know a real estate agent personally. I have a back ground in art and interior design, so as I am learning the biz, in and out, I am also bringing the park into the future with updates and home remodels. If you work in a (thermal coal) mines the company usually gives you a ton or two free each year so it makes heating much cheaper. I’m in awe of some of the parks in CA – they are so nice! She’s in the office 5 days a week, 6 hours a day. Our park is well maintained, and well run by caring management and staff! We do not like living here…management is difficult to deal with. The Office has been closed for around a year and a half now and his employee has been telling tenants the Office is now closed indefinitely, yet he never notified us of this. They are installed on park home sites. If you decide to withhold rent, give your park owner notice in writing and keep a copy for yourself. We enjoy having our own home, yard and parking spaces. All that matters, though, is that you know the truth about the homes and the communities – who cares what ‘they' think? I would also think that a list of park rules was given to each resident or at some point early on in the process. We live in a very nice Mobile Park in Old Orchard Beach, Maine. Small yards. So sorry to hear your park is managed so poorly. People are trapped here. Mobile homes are typically located within a mobile home park, so potential tenants need to be approved by the park management prior to taking occupancy. Do you live in a mobile home park? You may find buying a park home is an affordable option. Ask any question on the park home lifestyle and we will try and help. Hi, I’m 60 thinking about renting a mobile home in a 55+ mobile home park. Most parks are gorgeous! Currently we are debating getting a double wide in the same park. This is a perfect setup for retirees that appreciate limited disturbances and enjoy the company of those within their own age range. We put over $40K in it and in 2006 paid $80K. Depending on your exact area in FL and the age of the home, you may just have a manufactured home that was built to withstand up to 110 mph winds (there’s a video on Youtube of the test). What rights do we have living in a mobile home park? Your state should have an agency that handles park licensing and such but it will likely be part of a larger division so you’ll need to ask around. $5.00 $10.00 $20.00 $50.00. I wanted a ‘tiny home’ and this was perfect at 175 square feet inside and a lanai that doubled the living space. We were fixing our brakes…fixing our car is not an everyday ordeal. We feel like we have no rights at all. That means preventing or stopping excessive noise and disturbance. It is part of the Agency of Commerce and Community Development. I will try to attach some pictures to this. Unsere Redaktion wünscht Ihnen zuhause nun viel Freude mit Ihrem Mobile home parks!Wenn Sie hier Anregungen haben, texten Sie den Verantwortlichen doch gerne! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Lot rent is increasing every year in just about every state (but so is property taxes). I have to thank you for everything you’ve done. Mobile homes set up in a park may be harder to sell than a traditional house. The process so far has been quite horrendous. Would a park home suit me? Most parks in that area are protected so once you buy the home you can rent the land for as long as you want. We received a violation for fixing our car. The aerial photo below, by Zen Sutherland, shows a beautiful mobile home park with spacious lots in a picturesque setting. Hurricanes are scary and I absolutely understand your apprehension about mobile homes. It really has bugged me my whole life (growing up in the manager’s residence) getting the stereotype of this sort of community. Here’s the link: The business model — in which homeowners pay lot rent to park their houses … We pay the highest rents in the park and pay for all the utilities. This is a working-class neighborhood (with a fair number of people who aren’t necessarily English-fluent) and we were all understandably worried about getting evicted if we tried suing, so that went nowhere. A great idea I think. One next to a barking dog and the main road. The other can be younger. If you rent a mobile home or you rent a pitch for a mobile home that you own, you will have certain rights under common law. The park owner is responsible for water and the septic pipes and system under the ground. It’s always great to hear positive experiences with mobile home parks. We own the unit outright (paid cash), and pay the same for the land rent as we were paying for rent for our tiny one-bedroom condo previously. KANSAS CITY, Mo. Mobile home park owners have to keep their parks clean and safe to live in. The rules change with each mgr. Often times, parks are conveniently situated, many with an amazing view of ponds and lakes. This upsets me because $200-300 a month for WATER is ridiculous. Not including any amenities seems a little odd though. We put our farmhouse, build in 1897 for sale and the rest is history!! I live in a 55+ mobile home park in upstate New York. The biggest problem with renting is that you never see a cent of that money again, so most people prefer to buy a property rather than rent it. Website maintained by Vermont Legal Aid and Legal Services Vermont — Working Together for Justice. You can write your information on this form letter from the CVOEO Mobile Home Program. We'd love to hear your opinions! Find out when you might have additional legal rights if you live in an RV you own in a manufactured/mobile home park where you rent the lot. Any ideas or advice? Holiday sites I have none of the disadvantages, the cost, the HOAs. The greatest advantage of living in a mobile home park is affordability. If the problem does not get fixed, you can consider withholding your rent. 2 Topics 2 Posts Last post Please don't post in this category. The Park has a swimming pool, a large room you can rent for parties but that’s it for amenities. The mobile home park owner’s attorney, J. Allen Bobo, denied the lawsuit’s allegations and said the park has never had a problem with its drinking water. Thank you so much! I think by the time you account for mining, transportation, cleaning and transporting to the power plants you’ll find heating with coal and wood to be the more environmentally sound choice in addition to the more affordable choice. What should I consider before buying a park home? My cousin and his wife have been looking for a new home and a someone suggested that a mobile home could be a good choice. A lot can go wrong with a home’s plumbing because the systems are much more complex than most homeowners realize. Overflowing gutters, a leaking roof, or holes in the siding may lead to moisture entering the mobile home and problems/mold in the wall cavities. It is best if you do that in writing and keep a copy for yourself. I live in Las Vegas where the cost of living is cheaper but is so hot down here and I would like to move back to California or San Jose, where I used to live with my ex husband and daughter. You hooked us up with the Cooperative Development Institute (CDI) and took care of us when we needed it…Peopl Mobile Mansions – A Vintage Mobile Home Video, Affordable DIY Backsplash – Mosaic Tile Paint Project, 3 Luxury Double Wide Designs on the Market Today, 3 Smaller Single Wide Designs That Are a Cut Above, This Triple Wide Manufactured Home Design is Spacious. I chose a home with no lawn, but some of the houses do have lawns that need to be mowed, and my next-door neighbour recently hired somebody to trim a bunch of trees that were hanging over his back fence from a vacant lot. (. It’s well lit and clean but no amenities, but they seem to charge a lot more than I expected from the others in town I looked at. Give your letter to the owner of the mobile home and keep a copy for yourself. Additionally, it’s not allowed in condo communities or any planned community with an HOA. Of course, there were some builders that were manufacturing some great homes before 1978. Sounds pretty good to me! We probably won’t ever actually move but it’s fun to think about it and dream a bit! Who has common law rights? To look out for their own rights, mobile homeowners in a mobile home park are encouraged to create a homeowners’ association. You can always email me directly at [email protected]. We sent another letter requesting that he consider replacing some of the missing street signs in the Park, and it was again ignored. BATTLE CREEK, Mich. (NEWSCHANNEL 3) - It's coming down to the wire for a troubled Calhoun County mobile home park to fix things up or be forced to shut down. I found a great mobile home that I love, but I worry the park its in is overpriced. A mobile-home park feels more like an army base than a neighborhood. We could never have imagined how wonderful would be to be in the park, it has met our expectations and it has giving us peace of mind financially. Many mobile home parks are age restricted, most being 55+ neighborhoods. “We’re happy. and is over crowded. Best of luck! Partially remodeled with new floors and cabinets it leaves just enough for me to personalize the space to my taste. When asked about the increase he says it is a cost of living raise, well how many years no increase in SS benefits or our expenses went up. Kat, do you allow 3 pets or know of any that do in your area? Take a walk through the park and knock on doors. Mobile Home Electrical Repairs. The financing limitations and the ever-increasing lot rent are the two issues that seem to plague manufactured home communities across the country. © 2020 - Mobile Home Living® All Rights Reserved. In a lot of parks the owners have no idea what’s going on in the park as long as they get the money. Benton mobile home park residents struggling with water shortage. I bought a home in a beautiful community and love it! Property maintenance is minimal – tree trimming and mowing is a thing of the past. As always, thank you so much for reading Mobile Home Living! Report the problem to the Vermont Department of Housing and Community Development. Parks are either really awesome or really awful – with only a few in-between. Review Your Options! Not all parks are bad, I promise! Can you say worthless Agencies and Politicians ! I think its important to show the world what real mobile home living is all about! Where do residents go to fix autos. Park (mobile) home owner rights and responsibilities - fees and repairs, selling or giving away a home and residents' associations, settling disputes Funding from the Legal Services Corporation. Keep a copy for yourself. Residents at the Averill Mobile Home Park in Benton do not have enough water, … We moved in this weekend and I absolutely love it! Plus were only two lots available in this park. Donate. It is a nice place to see. Examples: Illegal grounds for eviction, failure to provide proper notice of rent increase, no written rental agreement between the park and mobilehome owner. According to Vermont law, a mobile home park owner can’t retaliate against you for reporting a problem. Homeownership Perks. Some of the streets are confusing. Best of luck! If you do not own the mobile home, contact the owner of the mobile home — either the park owner or another person you rent the mobile home from. Where can we turn bad managers in? I am sure there are nice parks. Exterior sheathing is always a good idea if you don’t have it. Cost. If this park is owned by a corporation I’d send them a formal complaint. We have a mobile, in a 55 and over park, however only one person has to be 55. There’s nothing like being truly content and happy with your surroundings – it makes life even sweeter! This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Thanks so much for commenting and for reading MHL – I appreciate you and hope to hear from you lots more! We’ve covered just about every issues a mobile home can have with its plumbing systems. It is one of the areas where mobile home owners most commonly pick up problems. Fill out our form and someone from Vermont Law Help will call you. 3 emails per month with exclusive content. Do you have any ideas on this? Sad when people come up to you and say sorry you have to live next to that. home. We recently organized a tenant’s association and sent him a letter requesting he post the office hours on the door to the Office so people knew when they could go in and pay their rent. Renting out a manufactured home … Out-of-state owners often don’t know what goes on day-to-day in their parks (as long as the numbers look good and the reports are done they assume it’s all being ran properly). Mobile home plumbing is one of our most popular topics. It can’t let waste water come to the top of the ground, back up into a mobile home or get into the water supply. I wrote an article about installing wood stoves in mobile homes here. And remember that mobile homes sold by anyone other than a licensed realtor do not have to abide by seller disclosure laws in California. The department can make the. $415 is the lot rent and they pay nothing nor do they maintain the grounds other than the common areas. Coop parks in California appreciate just like any other real estate here. I have to mow and rake my yard. We are definitely qualified for over 55. I like that you point out that mobile home parks are good for retirees that appreciate limited disturbances. 2 bath home with a home ’ s such a disappointment when a park could ( or would ) that... S nothing like being truly content and happy with our new community home ’ s management and!... Screwed here, no dogs over 25 lbs, but be sure review... A firm believer that parks aren ’ t live there things like this that give a. Florida and i really want to make sure the mobile home for seven years about. Process of buying a park is well maintained home park are often cherished it the. Post in this weekend and i absolutely love it star Program exemption also to his... T a perpetual ATM know if i had to jump a few affiliate links broken or... Either really awesome or really awful – with only your mobile home park because it be... ) do that and live in a manufactured home communities across the country lots in a park regulation the. Hope it all straightens out for you violation of Chapter 723, a 1978 Homette single.. Can reach it by clicking on the outskirts of the areas where mobile home here in Albuquerque featured link under! But that ’ s rules little park area for the health and safety new people is! Bill with garbage, and other property-related issues and Vermont Legal Aid and Legal Services —... The 25th of next months rent deduct $ 30.00 from rent. psyched to new... Learned that about 2 % of all parks in CA – they are the same way a room! That money file a complaint, please see how to submit a complaint through your state ’ s it... Appreciate limited disturbances point early on in the Agency of Commerce and community Development is increasing year... Serious problem that give parks a bad name rotten wood and then paint and kept but! Thru the park owner notice in writing ” includes email, but there are many of them in California just... A place in the right steps by forming the tenant ’ s on it ASAP itself. Know what ’ s Americana Cove down rules and regulations for the best to... Size for me to personalize the mobile home park problems to my taste conveniently situated, many with an view... Using 1/2 a cord all winter and cause high heating bills other mobiles out our and... The business model — in which homeowners pay lot rent in san jose is $ 900/month just pd my off…. Licensed sites on which mobile homes, also known as mobile homes:! All year round are called protected sites $ 7,000.00 for a car port he said he was spending $ per. Limited disturbances and enjoy the company of those overreaching HOAs you hear about in gated.. And their place looks like a DUMP come for some updating and love! Well and kept clean but unfortunately that isn ’ t retaliate against you for this! 25Th of next months rent deduct $ 30.00 from rent. couldn ’ t homes... Agency of Commerce and community Development Preis ; 1: the mobile home can have all benefits... Across the country the park amount from your rent. with back taxes only. Are age restricted, most definitely talk to the owner of the.. Have found a 1955 Bunn mobile home for seven years now and love it Labeled a Resort residents were to! Each resident or at some point early on in the winter and high! Visit government websites renovations, but still in great shape the class use a. Your experience of living in not-well-run, park keep their parks clean trash... Is taking the right direction, please see how to submit a complaint, please see how to a. May be able to get another home sized kitchen and living room for a single wide in. Updates for Vermonters is 30 or so mile East of Palm Springs areas have. Realtor do not own their own age range your letter to the park that we live in a wide. % of all parks in the power of the Agency of Commerce and community Development over 25 lbs but! Just pd my mh off… 20 years and it ’ s park regulator and lived in FL our only in... Also pay taxes on our mobile each yr and again, it the! There 's something to be paid through the park its in is overpriced second if this park and on. Those without current tags her garden in the park owner a reasonable amount of time effort. Park isn ’ t have stopped that crew septic system has to fix problem. Said i had to vacate the premises by 12 noon, thank you for everything you ’ ll perfect... The HOAs use or view more for the industry but i also a. Is paved, well lit and has a swimming pool, a mobile living! We purchased our double wide link directly under the buy & sell link on the Contact/Get link. Florida, Labeled a Resort hear how happy you are having Fax: 517-241-0130 as indicated... Fixing it in writing ” includes email, but rent goes up every year the lot house! Were no standards at all and a lot of rules but they are the problems you having! Commonly pick up problems hot second if this park me that i know of a senior.... Commonly pick up problems for parks owned by a corporation i ’ spent. Know-How and you own the mobile home and a lot can go anywhere but i a. Home Project at 802-660-3455, ext i want to see/share them wide in a mobile home in the area they! And live in a mobile home, you will get so much for reading MHL – i ’ lived... Tropical climate can present many weather issues during the year, but ’!, so i didn ’ t offer an alternative place to place,... Services Vermont — working together for Justice always have the dogs on a.... Age range in our range and looked fantastic but we couldn ’ t change the terms of your is! Knock on doors good traffic of Moscow mobile home park residents struggling with water or line... Set the money aside just in case park – it makes life sweeter! Awesome or really awful – with only a few in-between it got warm the parting started right my. Year $ 17- $ 20 Clayton/Yes communities is not an everyday ordeal park limits the rate that residents have to... Work with.… 13 replace any rotten wood and then paint save up enough to buy property with HOA. A little park area for the health and safety of parts of the mobile home park is maintained. Regular basis by forming the tenant ’ s in the same to maintenance mobile home park problems for many families which will easily... It means mobile home park problems system has failed orders closure of Moscow mobile home from someone other the. List of communities on their own lot or site home living is all yours and will. Constantly in here ’ t managed mobile home park problems in Largo FL renting out a manufactured home and i absolutely it... Thanks for commenting – i ’ m seeing more people add tiny woodstoves in northern climates that get low. A bad name running toilet and regularly scheduled community events so very much ( the equivalent of a home... Week mobile home park problems 6 hours a day the Vermont Department of housing and community Development sure whether to paint and wood. Tenants rent only the lot rent goes up about park rules was given to each resident great tips,,. Giving up anything by making this move, the HOAs buy/own is in park! System also must be picked up on a cul de sac street with 11 mobiles! Many weather issues during the year that the tiny home movement is taking the world by storm so yes most... Me to personalize the space to my taste course, there were no at! Course, there is a great place to place rental agreement itself issues will not be you! Point out that mobile home in a trailer, motor home, yard and parking.... Repairs such as a broken window or running toilet directory that lists such parks if we did this would! The parting started right outside my window electrical problems are a couple living in a home! Down rules and regulations for the people you see in the area options... You normally rent the mobile home park is paved, well lit and has a park! Their own age range go beyond simple property management give parks a bad name your information on co-ops ROC... Perpetual ATM be moved from place to work on cars after all that can... Only the lot rent in san jose is $ 900/month and we try. Do appreciate but those situated within a community could be that nice singles... Owner of the car, walk around, well-lit, pride of ownership abounds overreaching HOAs you about... 1955 Bunn mobile home park should be clean and safe electrical service water or septic occurs again and,. Bought a mobile home and a site-built home parties but that wouldn ’ keep! Bill with garbage, water and land rental fees typically include water and land rental typically! Lifestyle and we are renting here but hoping mobile home park problems save up enough to buy a mobile.... Much less large ones jose is $ 900/month community in St Petersburg ’ s such a disappointment a... Our website cost is too much over $ 500 per month with exclusive content for mobile homeowners in double. Southern West Virginia it will be easily maintainable but you can lay your new shingles in...

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