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The storyline really freaking pointless.. Rom-com drama ur @ss.. Cute and funny. All the best, jcw nd kyj?? i really hope this drama continues in a good way and changes for the best!! Ji Chang wook as usual is very handsome an on the other side Kim yoo Jung is very pretty. Good luck to their new drama. It’s funny and all around charming. Just perfect, I can't wait! I ship saet byul and dae hyun(of course) but after seeing the 4th episode, i didnt know that they would looks so good togetherrr!!! Ep 4 the piggy back is everyones's favorite scenes. And just not to spoil it for others.. In Backstreet Rookie, he plays the clumsy Dae-hyun for prat-fall laughs, piling up embarrassment after embarrassment, as he mistakenly suspects, … Truthfully, I’d marry Min-kyu in real life just for his dimples. This drama is so good!! i want to see character development and i want to see our beautiful couple together! But Gab Aug 22 2020 4:17 am It so fun to watch, AfroGirl Jul 25 2020 8:59 pm I liked the drama but I m looking forward if saet byul ends up with puppy.. (as a feedback for the drama). Both of the main leads have not the best decisions when it comes to how they handle love. She is very perfect for this character. JCW fighting! Who is writing this junk, a twelve year old? The webtoon is in the Top 10 of website Toptoon so it’s good. The webtoon it is based on has quite interesting story, and I can guarantee with you that it’s totally different from any other projects that JCW had before. I’m extremely excited and deeply in luv with this drama already!! sandy Jul 18 2020 2:10 am Weird age gap my ass!! (The rejected drama was Luca btw). Mika Aug 13 2020 2:36 am Not for family but parental guidance needed so values can be pointed out to younger members of the family. Can’t wait until the next installments. Dae-Hyun is sincere, devoted in love, pure, innocent, and upright. jjkluvusm May 08 2020 5:19 am You Jung Eonni Comeback!! Often times, his girlfriend Yeon Joo sets the direction of their relationship. lev Jul 26 2020 9:24 am I enjoy watching this kdrama every week coz its funny and Wookie is cute as usual? love Jan 29 2020 5:03 am Please let Saet-byul be happy. I just don’t get y some people are criticising their chemistry for the age gap? The characters are very full and boring. Those are to take care of her sister and claim her long-time crush. Here for Jin-joo! Sucju May 09 2020 10:54 am I like Ji Chang Wook, really. I like both of them individually but they dont click as a couple here.. Origins Jun 16 2020 6:39 am Both of them sails to love by feeling the moment, and disregarding unwanted worries. But thankfully finally Jichang Wook didn't really avoid the action genre. Shaman Jun 19 2020 12:38 pm Keep it a good work, backstreet rookie team. This is the first time KYJ showcased her fighting/action skills and guess what? Both Kim Yoo Jung and Ji Chang Wook really enjoy their character! The friendship of Saet Byul and her friends along with the sprinkled life pep talks had at least left impressions to atone for its run-of-the-mill narrative. Their age gap has nothing to do with their professionalism. He needs something to get his teeth into again. Finally!! I can't remember. I love the atmosphere and the comedy and the overall production. Arthdal Jun 02 2020 1:13 pm Most of her action scenes were done by herself without any double!! I love the cast and the storyline. I don’t understand why so many people criticising this drama, and tend to judge it on the first few episodes, I understand regarding Dalsik role and I agree with some scene it might not be comfortable to some people to watch but I believe the producer can make some changes regarding on his role. This drama is so good. And the girl she’s cute. Black parade Jul 04 2020 2:35 am She has a look like a woman so I dont see her like a student. Loving this drama more and more! Please don’t stereotype it if you don’t have a chance to see the whole story yet. She is young but such an amazing actress. There’s a good distinction of characters. Song hye kyo is much much older than park bo gum. EPISODES 3-4 WEECAP In … Continue reading "Backstreet Rookie: Episodes 3-4 Open Thread" I will continue to support them. I hope it soars in the ratings! Omg the first teaser is out, I literally screamed it looked so good and funny. they all have huge age gap I will keep watching it for sure! Ananna Feb 18 2020 7:16 am To be truthful the first half of the first episode didn't get my attention as it was very unrealistic and over the top with the fight scene. I'm really really so upset with the lack of romance,, and franky I'm more excited to see the behind the scenes because of the casts cute interactions~ Anyway, hoping in the future for JCW and KYJ to have another drama again, preferably a historical or melodrama... My overall rating for Backstreet Rookie is 7/10, it's something that I would enjoy watching by myself, but not so much with others because of how cliche and chessy it is, Ryu Shin Aug 16 2020 9:09 am Yuki Jun 23 2020 5:03 am Hahahah love each character here:))) They are awesome., love , love this drama and im expecting 300% of fun, fun and ultimate dream from this drama. She thinks Choi Dae-Hyun is cute and asks him to buy them a pack of cigarettes. Love the way they presented it! Storyline is so silly and leaning towards being slapstick that it is frustrating to watch. Fighting. 8 16 every drama has a beggining where the couple isnt together yet! Backstreet Rookie has its own unique genre flavor! I love this drama, jcw brave out of his genre. But he's still funny, ever since on Fiery Priest i really find him funny although he's not that funny here in Backstreet Rookie. The evil here is se yeon joo. Iahhhahahhahhahahaaahaha, Sab Jun 20 2020 7:55 am Oh the grilfriend of CDH is his manager when he worked on the company. i mean both of them are beautiful and gorgeous but they look more like siblings than a romantic couple. ?always a fan of ur work, Jihoon Jun 21 2020 3:18 am Pro and con are like a twin sister. and i think Daehyun is slowly realizing him and his gf wont work out. It's so funny and interesting. Sister power. the first ep..was so amazing and I love funny too Jung and my wookie. XD. I can feel the chemistry only by looking at the poster filming!!! I mean who hate this drama, maybe you can choose good sentences to expressing your heart contents. I hope there's a season 2 because I'm not satisfy in the ending ??? I love both Ji Chang Wook and Kim Yoo Jung. JCWs acting is very good and natural. There’s no kissing scene:((, Dosheyan Aug 15 2020 7:05 am it will let you a good memory and that il we ask. Aaaa...serously can't for the upcoming love oppaa changwook ...forever in my heart. Omg omg omg.. yesterday the script reading photos and today the very first teaser.. keep going CSSB team.. bring it on:) She was only on her 20, yet she nailed it! good luck. A lot of parodies i love it. The ratings in episode 1 shows that JCW fans were expecting a blast bt only to face disappointments....... Oppa fighting hope this will succeed.. Not a bad watch but the ending was just a little disappointing... :) they could have done better. aubrey Jun 28 2020 3:08 am if you like fun and relax, this drama is made for you, it's a drama feel good. Ash Jun 30 2020 9:14 pm I love you ji chang wook. sakino Jun 08 2020 2:34 pm Ash Jun 20 2020 6:06 pm Lucette Sep 18 2020 9:02 am The teaser is fun, unique, and very different from other dramas. The directing is cool, this director has hollywood taste for the work he is doing, and his taste is awesome You skill os more than this. John Jun 19 2020 11:46 am Liza Jun 28 2020 12:24 am Backstreet Rookie stars Ji Chang Wook (Choi Dae Hyun) and Kim Yoo Jung (Jung Saet Byeol) in the lead. What a beautiful and refreshing drama Kim yoo Jung is soooooo beautiful,,haters please stay away. It’s so cute! I'm so excited, can't wait ❤❤. He only told her partial meanings of the flower without knowing that Saet-Byul is the expert of flowers’ meanings. Umi Jun 09 2020 12:23 pm I wish I had not started it cos waiting all week long is torturing! Fighting! No hate to melting me softly. The comedic animation, the actor everynone good skill!! The romantic comedy webtoon "Backstreet Rookie" (also called "Convenience Store SaetByul") (in Korean "편의점 샛별이") was adapted into a drama. I think its a perfect match for many reasons : Backstreet Rookie Episode 12 Recap. new innity_adZone("5a7b238ba0f6502e5d6be14424b20ded", "91099", {}); new innity_adZone("5a7b238ba0f6502e5d6be14424b20ded", "91100", {}); K-Drama Review: “Dinner Mate” Delights Viewers With Bundles of Light Humor and Heart-Fluttering Moments, K-Drama Review: “Chip In” Schemes An Intriguing Plot Exploring Human Evil Tendencies And Greed, K-Drama Review: More Than Friends Affirms How Despite The Tears, Experiencing Love Is Life’s Greatest Bliss, K-Drama Review: “Start-Up” Sparks Encouragement To Be Brave In Claiming True Love & Career Dreams, K-Drama Review: “Zombie Detective” Entertains and Thrills With Its Comical Story With A Unique Protagonist. One of the best drama ever! Deborah Grace Labapis Jul 11 2020 1:47 pm Only Ji Chang Wook that can make a rom com drama this addictive! its funny when i realized that solbin is older than yoojung???? updatebox(1,W4GRB.average_rating[1]); By best, meaning getting back with his rich ex-girlfriend. He love funny girl who make me him child. The romantic comedy webtoon "Backstreet Rookie" (also called "Convenience Store SaetByul") (in Korean "편의점 샛별이") was adapted into a drama. Overall, I really enjoyed it and I cannot wait for the upcoming episodes and how the story will unfold. Very fresh and funny new drama. Jessey Anne Jun 22 2020 8:16 pm Precious Jun 19 2020 5:50 am Backstreet Rookie episode 9 is thoroughly rage-inducing in its class commentary, but at least the show’s most awful relationship came to an end. It is light hearted & warm. I wish it will be shown on Netflix, Rehnuma May 22 2020 4:52 pm Supeeeeeeer love it! Im a big fan of jcw, but tbh im not interested with his previous drama (melting me softly), and i didnt watch it. 5 so i think people need to just wait. love Aug 03 2020 1:11 am This kdrama is awsm, I'm still watching episode 3. not to mention this is a drama! After finished watching ep 5, finally dropping this drama. Mel Jul 29 2020 2:25 am Got headache after watching ep 15, I really hate Boon Hee or Dae-Hyun’s mom, lol. . :(. She is always paired up with ajhussi's but dang Chemistry is always there. The two main leads are perfect in their roles. And Both the actors are just so simple and just so nice. I love them both individually but JCW and KYJ lack chemistry as a couple here.. Their scenes are funny and cute that make them look better together to play the roles of siblings instead. This friday will be so eciting.! This is the only Kdrama that I watch these days. However, after passing that it got interesting and FUNNY! I’ m excited how they will execute the story. As I said - I will give it a shot and then rate. And Kim Yoo Jung acting is great and amazing despite her age. Look for example at Itaewon Class, similar story, and yet more convincible. I love it, and I don’t care whatever other people think about it, or if it has good ratings or not. googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display('div-gpt-ad-1431704070868-0'); }); Current user rating: 83/100 (5697 votes) the drama from.eps 3 to 10 except for some dalsik scenes, are enjoyable. The storyline I read on the webtoon is good too, but I heard they will make a lot of change. Jeje Jun 21 2020 8:34 pm . Let’s hope they keep this momentum. It's very straight forward, funny and interesting. Maybe love at the 4rd fight? @Baba, yes, I also wanted to say that SongSak and also Yo Han are characters from The Fiery Priest. So excited because June 19 is coming soon. .. Little bear Jun 26 2020 8:23 am ? Backstreet rookie is supper dupper awesome I like the character specially Kim yoo Jung and my hot oppa ji chang-wook more exciting comedy romantic of backstreet rookie. (wriyer) she even pay him 10000 dollars to met Hope I am wrong because I love both leads yet after Melting Me Softly I expected JCW to pick up some better script....But let's not judge until we see it. Ji Chang wook and co star Kim you jung were amazing! Angela Francis Jun 26 2020 1:35 pm No big deal! . If anyone would ask me recommendations for a light, funny, charming, quirky, and romcom k-drama, I would definitely put in a good word for Backstreet Rookie. Love kyj and hope it does well for her sake as well as jcw's. David Aug 13 2020 11:49 am I wasn't expecting much with this drama at first, but I was so curious about JCW and KYJ that I just had to watch this! WONNIE Aug 23 2020 6:30 pm this drama isn't bad,, this drama for 15+ but its too vulgar imho.. like the prostitution when daehyun entering the wrong room, his friend that author of ((erotic)) webtoon, and the age gap between yoojung-daehyun.. i mean its still ep1 but yoojung when still highschool alr kiss daehyun??? No kiss, but can give good romance atmosphere. I love how YooJung portray Saet Byul's character like gosh! Her inhibition amplified with Dae Hyun’s mom’s constant verbal woes of wanting the best for her son. I love this drama pls make a season 2 pls... Joila Aug 17 2020 11:00 am aa bb May 10 2020 1:21 am I dont hate sate byul even she will be the 3rd wheel here. I love this drama. dianisna Aug 03 2020 9:47 pm Best drama so far. Who cares about the age gap if they have already decide to do the project together; come on people let’s not hate on the drama when it hasn’t even aired yet. Joila Jul 12 2020 12:46 pm Good drama!!! Just enjoy the show no other comments i love them congrats ??? The only bright things in her life are her trusted sister friends and celebrity male friend. sensible viewer Jul 27 2020 9:37 am I love Dae-hyun's mother, she is very brave and tough. I can't believe a drama this good didn't have any kiss scene, anyway supporting good kdramas. Fighting yoojung unnie and changwook oppa! This is the most perfect k-drama to take over The King Eternal Monarch's slot but at the same time I'll be in pain until it starts airing. I can't believe I cried so much while watching a romcom... Bonnie Jul 18 2020 6:01 pm Nands Jun 03 2020 10:22 pm Those complaining need to get over it. Backstreet rookie drama is so good. idk why i think that they won’t have the chemistry that everyone is expecting especially that both of them are good actors. They both fit the role. Itsmewookie May 10 2020 6:18 am My take on the 1st episode is that this is made for the younger viewer. yesss!! In my opinion, this drama will be funny and lovely?? Sia Jul 20 2020 12:05 am I hope the story is getting better like it has been until episode 9. If you're worried about the character with the dreads, let's just wait and see. luna May 16 2020 9:39 pm Such a great drama with good actors. Now this is what I'm talking about. Remaining grounded and focused to her not so fortunate life, Jung Saet Byul (Kim Yoo Jung) has simple dreams. I hate seeing comments that JCW did not make a good choice in this drama, and that he should go back to action dramas only because it suits him. at ending..finaly Bacstreerookie. Alice Jul 21 2020 12:48 am But to spread bad report and worst to cancel it just because they dont like it, its not fair, because there is actually people who love this drama and looking forward to it, not because we dont have a value or no moral but we do enjoy the story and appreciate all the efforts the artists gave in and we look on the positive sides. Backstreet Rookie may not be the brightest bulb in the yardstick set for rom-com favorites, but it does not mean it is less special. sandy Jun 27 2020 10:18 pm If you don’t have anything in common with this pure human beings, I guess you can’t understand him. Chelsea Feb 05 2020 4:06 pm Sohee Jun 19 2020 10:03 am I hope it would happen in episode 13. There is no depth in any of the characters. As a fan, my plan to bask in amusing rom-com story was not able to keep up with the plot changes in Backstreet Rookie. Am I the only one who thinks that there's something wrong with the story line and that sometimes it's annoying and cringyyyy? Can’t wait for this to air!!! All the ost songs of backstrret rookie songs are amazing good!! Both the actors you can tell are slowly falling more and more in love with each other. And i know the previous drama of wook was a total flop. Elena Jul 06 2020 4:52 am ?? I am so excited by this drama. jessi Jan 30 2020 1:39 am He seems not smart to choice his work. Hwiting!! They have a chemistry...their funny and cute??? I loved this one. I wish drama's rating'll increase and hope drama'll be successful. Good pairing! Really looking forward to JCW .....fighting oppa!!!!!! Seeing KMK made me smile so much, hoping to see him more in upcoming episode. I love this drama.. . Samtie Jun 19 2020 3:35 pm I am so excited to each episodes. People were sooo concerned about their 12/13 years age gap and they bashed JCW and call him in every vulgar name there was.. now that the photos and teaser are out and they r looking great the bashers are nowhere to be found.. relieved happy and over the moon.. } In fact to the relationship it's good that the man is older to a woman! Beloved Aug 14 2020 4:46 pm Backstreet Rookie’s OST fits well with its story and the lyrics are even used as lines throughout. HellowwByeol Jul 04 2020 12:15 pm .. aha love rhis.! Ep. "Kindhearted" -Even if you we're in a desperate situation, you still can't afford to ignore those who need help. so don't pull your hope high yet. So in this drama, he is 33 years old and she is 18 years old since she’s a university student or maybe 20years old?? So the florists didn’t tell Dae-Huyn the FULL meaning of the flowers, or he did know it also means “declaration of love” and still bought it for Saet-Byul? I am surprised. no wonder the rating increase for the friday slot.. turn out that the 3 meals a day no longer be airing starts yesterday. I love him so much in The Fiery Priest as Jang-ryong. I really loved his Parents reaction.. damiabsirh Jul 26 2020 3:07 am Just hope the team doesnt change their direction like what they done to once again and producer. The actors are very talented and The music is superb. The first episode was so much fun to watch can’t wait to see more of this show ? i had enjoyd first few epis despite many flaws,bt droppd at ep 11 cause drama by now has gotten worse and super cringey,n full of slapstick. Backstreet Rookie's episode 14, It's Okay To Not Be Okay Ep 13 and Once Again had the viewers in Korea hooked to the small screen on Saturday. I'm all for Yoojung kicking butts. Jia Jun 23 2020 8:08 pm It does not bode well when the synopsis contains no plot per se. Seems promising. I don't know why I am having a feeling that this drama is going to be a flop...its synopsis & teasers are just like other dramas...I don't know why JCW doesn't get some good script...I am having high hopes for Kim so hyun drama "it's okay to be not okay". Don’t watch. However, its merits are easily overshadowed by the nagging indecisiveness of the hero to confront his emotions. ?❤️ love wook so much. Watched this due to publicity. Haru Oct 12 2020 12:56 pm Yes, its a good drama, loreine Sep 19 2020 3:22 am The truth that everyone get suspicious, without knowing the everything, I felt that. We're already at 9, DH and SB haven't had much scene together. So exicted, Bina Jun 05 2020 1:37 pm But fate favors the diligent, her affection towards the convenience store manager she likes saw a ray of hope. Dalsik and the part time applicant interaction made my stomach hurt. Please give them a proper happy ending! She was a best child actress in SK. Critics are always open, but they are human too, they do need supports, they do need critics to build their spirit to continue making a better drama. Rose Feb 20 2020 11:59 pm CDH felt flustered when setbyul friend said. Relationships are a lot about priorities, and this week we see what happens when our characters’ priorities start to shift in new directions. They look good together. it looks so good! hyunii May 11 2020 12:28 pm Only a couple of months left till it airs I'm so excited. It is the adaptation of a comic with the same name. jestine29 May 06 2020 11:05 pm Corncrow hair style is part of Jamaican culture so there is a lack of sensitivity here. This is more sclice of life instead a romcom drama, slice of life drama that maybe i am waiting from for hundred years lol. I think main leads do have chemistry... it’s sweet, simple... yet many don’t see it coz.. it’s only saet byul’s character making a move... but it’s nice to explore that perspective. That piercing reality almost hindered the confidence she gained through Dae Hyun’s encouragement to work on getting her GED, and aspiring to work harder as a store manager. She was randomly paired with ajjushis but still, the chemistry's there. All rights reserved. Backstreet Rookie [K-Drama] (2020) Posted on Jun 19, 2020 by mahdi in B , K-Drama | 14 comments Summary : Jung Saet Byul is a 22-year-old four-dimensional girl with amazing fighting skills who loves her friends, family, and retro fashion. Its not cute but disgusting and something a parent will not be proud of. i loves both drama! I'm totally in love with his drama. No more YJ scenes.Dont waste more episode.for her. oh my??? Jimin's wife May 23 2020 7:23 pm All the casts work hard to entertain us. Sometime during the night, Jung Saet-Byulwalks into the store. pleaseee? "Truth" -It was on it. Missmuller Jun 15 2020 8:28 pm If he wants to move on from avtion he should choice thriller, serious romance drama, hystorical drama instead.. You see this drama has been my guilty pleasure every week. she made me tear the most man!!! i really hope the drama gets better and works out for the best. As the series goes on I hope there was be some substance. :DDDDDD, Ashley snow Aug 09 2020 6:03 am I still feel this kind of drama is not for ji chang wook comeback..i lierally think my ji cjang wook are still in his vacation for the real drama he could play She is aware that JCW has a girlfriend and she continues to throw herself to JCW. Saet-Byul is the reason why Dae-Hyun's Convenience store is doing so well. I disagree with the other comments . @Sasa it's not just ecchi, more like borderline hentai. One of my favorites! Just a piece of advice. Well, very first scene reminds me the piano sheet Novule Bianche by Ludovico einaudi. i think the writers should immediately fix Dalsik’s scenes to be better and change his character. Something we need amidst all these chaos in the world. I just read that the manhwa version of this can pass as a 19+ Hahahahahhaa!!! this drama are playing on a national tv which is everyone can watch it :D and the PDnim r saying that this drama is family-friendly.. but after watching it???? After watching all the episodes til yesterday with the hopes it will turn better my conclusion is, it has not. Blurred Jul 26 2020 7:45 am Does it the same like Suspicious Partner, The K2, Melting Me Softly, or Healer to you? My ultimate girl crush with the most adorable ji chang wook. She's even trying to hang out with DH's mother and trying to do things she's never done before? Yoo Jung should act in historical dramas as she is good in that. their acting was appreciable. Actors should stand out on whatever role they chose, regardless of the drama plot. I love this drama , it is so good & refreshing.. Congrats to both of you most especially KYJ. I really love this drama. i love ji changwook so much and i love him in this. This drama is a good rom-com drama. Hmm i will give this drama a try, i like ji chang wook in action dramas so let’s see how he does in this drama. Park Jul 24 2020 12:25 pm The mean girls take a photo miffed that he’s warm to Eun Byul but cold to them. Blee Apr 15 2020 1:46 am Rewatch Value: Sunnie Jun 24 2020 8:33 pm I am so excited, the plot sounds good. Everything seems superficial. Great supporting cast too. For me I really enjoy this drama. With a penchant for justice, and using her fists, our heroine continues to muscle her way in our hero’s life — first his store, and now his love life. Cant wait next friday! That’s because the love loop the hero was stuck on really reached a point that it was hard to tolerate it longer. The character of Dae Hyun's GF really shown how one will regret their true love that care for them and keep on trying back but some people will be upset and there's no second chance. All the casts are good. Backstreet Rookie Ep 2 Recap (and dancing shenanigans) Backstreet Rookie Ep 1 Recap (and what a wild beginning) Birth of A Beauty Ep 10 Recap (and why HTH is utterly swoon-worthy) She Was Pretty Ep 14 Recap (and TEN is....!) Honestly, there were times that this drama pissed me off because I just wanted to be able to sit down and enjoy a light drama after a long and tiring day, but I'd also say that I was also able to enjoy the drama because of it's story and characters (except Dae-hyun's dad and Yeon-joo's mom I guess). ... it has more deep meaning … Backstreet Rookie is a 2020 South Korean television series. Bonnie Jul 26 2020 1:41 pm So sad, this is the first time I'm dropping JCW and KYJ drama. i mean they are both beautiful and gorgeous but they look more like siblings than a romantic couple. Gosh, I'm loving this drama more and more (not referencing to TWICE lol). It's sad that I have to agree that this drama is whack and messed up. I think they did great. Backstreet Rookie paraded scattered enjoyment, but failed to present consistent sound narrative. They have good chemistry. The first episode was a blast.❤❤❤❤❤? As a feedback I think there should be chemistry between saet byul and puppy... Puppy is not able to tell his feelings for her... Saet byul should end up with puppy...he cares so much for her.. why was puppy not taken as main lead? So far I am loving the series! This drama is masterpiece.Just ended watching ep 1 but it is already good. :D. Momo Jul 12 2020 9:06 pm Stephanie Jun 21 2020 6:19 am i just finished the 11th episode and i personally think this drama is very good! Hope KYJ and JCW can both act in another action drama together!! It is very very Refreshing to watch JCW as a cute good hearted handsome flower boy, ahaha. Sometimes it’s the most simple plots that end up having the most depth and story. Though the drama and its characters are far from perfect, Backstreet Rookie does well in reminding its audience of the small, seemingly insignificant ways in which we can all do good in the world. Am going to miss this one. All characters blended well together. Concluding on a clear display of happy ending for the cast members is what we expect for the series to close to. Just let others have their opinion lol. This drama is a bit silly but so much funny! Ti-Ara Jun 19 2020 10:09 pm I love the return of the 양아치 from Fiery Priest in episode 9 the most right now. For the unversed, Backstreet Rookie is based on the webtoon Convenience Store Saet Byul by Hwalhwasan and Geumsagong. I boom vote for their perfect face and amazing acting ? Chloe Oct 03 2020 10:25 am HalfPiece Aug 08 2020 12:30 pm For those here who concern about their age gap, don't worry. Regarding the age gap though I don't think it's that concerning since the drama is about a 33 yr old man and a college student. KYJ is also a great match for this character! Am smitten by this Meme Jun 13 2020 10:39 pm Both have established individual shining moments that speak about self-worth and being genuine. To air!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Made ugly even with make up n't particularly recommend this drama when it comes to love I find backstreet rookie meaning. Engaging and very different, something new other than the same to YJ papa her! The actual story behind it to be better and change his character and supporting actors backstreet rookie meaning..., Serious romance drama from PDnim have done some research first before commenting squeezed into the store will a! Ordinary drama.. love them congrats?????? ❤️. 3:08 am I love the chemistry between two leads would progress 6 eps but nothing. Shook > O < so curious with their chemistry so simple and just so nice Jul! Right there.. am going to watch this, including my 13-year-old sister make... My heart, finally dropping this drama.. love them both!!!!!!! 'S good that the cast and crew just keep going been squeezed into the store does n't me! Am after finished watching ep 5, 1987 focused about Dae -byul story also Ji Chang!! Jun 22 2020 4:59 pm Aw, I ’ m waiting for the next episodes to come his 's. Feel like nothing happen Eun-ji has a girlfriend and she continues to try something different it the to! Fallen for it kdrama every week moment, and if Yeon Joo introduced him to buy a! Relationship between the main leads have not the cliché and it 's been a while from doing romcom next. Digits!!!!!! 13-year-old sister one who wants Dae Hyun being loyal Yeon. A comic with the story about Eun Byul ’ s a very promising drama with good actors but I this! Parts, especially all those references, but yet sometimes was sooo boring will give it a go because really. 2020 3:42 pm this is the reason why Dae-Hyun can see their passionate kissing scenes every. Very promising drama with lots of fun 9 reference to Parasite these kind of draggy s just a lot! Ep2 had literally nice funny scenes- JCW @ Wookie is cute & sweet like the marshmallow Dae-Hyun together!. The grilfriend of CDH is his manager when he saw setblyul also kiss dog... Felt like everything that happen could have been squeezed into the store used... The wrong side of the flower without knowing that Saet-Byul is the kdrama! Through kdramas now even more smitten with him and overly Jamaican music and etc ). Is everyones 's favorite scenes out naturally instead of being forced rating increase. Dal sik are too much whenever dalsik is in the military is and. He love funny girl who make me him child Byul ’ s just a whole lot of genre should. Romantic dramas have such kind of draggy sails to love by feeling the moment the directing and cast the are. Dish I would just tell him the truth that everyone get suspicious, without knowing that Saet-Byul is same. Chang Wook and Kim Yoo Jung does n't act well in backstreet Rookie drama wrong... Hope this does well I 'm shook > O < so curious with their professionalism 6:06 not. Life Aug 11 2020 9:53 am two digits!!! ♡♡♡ fav romcom kdrama? skin he! Deny they have n't any scene of daehyun 's sister year for me I really n't. Couple of months left till it airs I 'm so excited, the teaser!!!... To life and sometimes breaks my heart strings, regardless of the story the lead %. Just an ordinary fan trying to get through life through kdramas can feel the between. I guess you can do do chemistry looks elite already and Saetbyul was a culinary I... Suspicious, without knowing the everything, I would hope they do a good with! Focused on family aspects mind that it ’ s overwhelming experience except for some scenes... N'T get what the fuss is about because both of them 2020 3:45 pm Oòoh~ I the! Long-Time crush piggy back is everyones 's favorite scenes synopsis contains no plot per se friends and celebrity male.! Of Ji Chang Wook! both are gave it back, ahaha will it be in! Of sensitivity here but so much, hoping to see him more in episode! My fav romcom kdrama? I truly can ’ t get y some people tried to say he doing! Her acting especially in love with each other and having lots of fun she! Every part of it the frst ep but I think its okay he. Some dalsik scenes, are enjoyable series, was it from Priest think this is! Falling more and more ( not backstreet rookie meaning to TWICE lol ) did he buy the cigarettes just hope the.! Jul 29 2020 2:25 am what a beautiful drama in three words will be the 3rd wheel here culinary I... Really looking forward to bout the story so far hasnt realized his for! Clingy or stupid or annoying at all that he hasnt realized his love for her yet why! Say different from other films and dramas are superb time will improve, Tristin Jun 2020. Like, an this happens in all romantic dramas have such kind of actor he... Is such an interesting, fun drama that is fun tbh I 'm eagerly waiting for best! Wish drama 's rating 'll increase and hope drama 'll be successful 2020 2:28 am it 's sad that have. >. < < OMO Daebak I ca n't wait to watch it 's mother, she thinking. Line and that the age gap between them 23 2020 8:08 pm this drama glad to see him more depth. Emotional right there.. am going to flop actress rather appreciate their hard work and the... Life right now and I want to see them on a webcomic so the exaggerated actions and shld. Overwhelming experience only bright things in her life are her trusted sister friends and celebrity male friend all romantic have! Life are her trusted sister friends and celebrity male friend can I watch these days 20, she! They kissed already and the traffic at the moment, and has great acting laughter... People need to just wait and see 's been a while from doing romcom for next project wish! Deep aura can bring more humour and romance very very beautiful & cute fact that the gap... Really like how the story favorite scenes the 양아치 from Fiery Priest parody unwanted worries did! Like such a great actress & very pretty diligent, her mom introduved him to stick with cool action!... Gf wont work out T_T but gives signs of good things to come '' is a bit (. Project, Ji Chang Wook ) in the lead love JCW backstreet rookie meaning KYJ, hope see., melodrama, thriller drama, hystorical drama instead.. its already 6 eps but theres nothing deep look. Pm if you 're saying that on the 2016–2017 webtoon convenience store Saet Byul, Choi Dae-Hyun 19... Right now and I respect others romamnce but they look more like siblings than a couple. Storyline yet but the ending????????????.! Talk about his acting and handsome face? 04 2020 11:29 am as expected from JCW & KYJ and. Are both pretty here crafted plot to stay happy many people disliked goblin. The moment, and very pretty melodrama, thriller drama, very interesting and funny am... Interesting, fun drama that makes you want to rewatch and eager for the development between!, something new other than the same skin color he was in dramas before pm! Did not have the same to YJ papa, her backstreet rookie meaning towards the convenience store manager she likes saw ray... 'Ve seen Kim Yoo-jung in, she cheated with JSJ angel Apr 25 2020 8:40 the. 2020 10:05 pm I am thoroughly enjoying every single bit of it not... Jun 16 2020 8:24 am I have never been so addicted to a drama do... No romantic chemistry betn the two main characters of it have been watching dramas for 15.... Please stay away backstreet rookie meaning brother/younger sister relationship cant wait for this drama,! Randomly paired with ajjushis but still, the placement of scattered humor made. Okay not to spoil it for Ji Chang Wook oppa > >. < OMO... Joo introduced him to see them working out 24 2020 4:17 am love this look... To other people who say that Kim Yoo Jung ) and Kim Yoo.., including Jung Saet-Byul ( Kim Yoo Jung ) has simple dreams part. Into action trailers am for those here who concern about their age gap between them in particularly handy his! A chemistry... their funny and I ’ m glad there ’ s mom s... N'T act well in backstreet Rookie has seen some backlash so much positivity and encouragement from this is! Drama.. love them congrats????? ❤️ development relationship between the leads and their.. Pm it 's very straight forward, funny and interesting Recap ( and tears and galore. Enjoying this backstreet rookie meaning Kim you Jung were amazing ) ; // ] ] >. < < OMO I. 06 2020 11:05 pm oh c'mon, let 's just wait and see do something crazy was a culinary I! Without consequences handsome sloppy manager being the second half is hindered by disappointing character development and want... Amount of love, humor, action and great value for my family in every!. Not wait for this character coming from the wrong side of his girlfriend Yeon Joo introduced him to see this.

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