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Frequency 1 post / week Blog espanolista.com Facebook fans 61 ⋅ Instagram Followers 61 ⋅ Social Engagement 1 ⋅ Domain Authority 1 ⋅ View Latest Posts ⋅ Get Email Contact, About Blog Spanish grammar exercises with answers. Blog Home. We hope you found this Spanish conjugation lesson useful and practical. Example: Necesito comprar pan. “I rarely ask myself about life.”, Usualmente no bebo alcohol. Translation: “I like watching the sunset at the beach.”, Example: No me gustan los plátanos. Example: Me gusta Carla. For example: ´+ a = á. Once again, as you already saw in the article about verbs, Spanish conjugations are divided into three groups (or four, if we think of irregular verbs as another group). You might have noticed that the first three letters of the word don’t change, but the ending does. Both Spanish sentences use the word cita, but the context is completely different. We help beginners, advanced beginners, and intermdiate Spanish learners with free resources and courses to learn Spanish faster. When doing Spanish conjugations, irregular verbs can be frustrating. Example: Estoy limpiando mi habitación. “You’ll find the manual next to the box.”. Spanish Video Lesson – Spanish Conversation Step 2 Conversational Spanish I hope you enjoyed the video. Example: ¡Es maravilloso! When you need to know what time something is, use the expression ¿A qué hora…? You could also opt to download an app instead of adding a keyboard. Instead, it just means “Which is your name?” which makes it easier to explain, doesn’t it? This word doesn’t have an exact English translation, but we can translate it as “I wish” or “I hope.”. Many English-speakers struggle with Spanish grammar. Example: ¿Cuál es el plato que comimos la última vez? “I could not sleep the night before yesterday.”, Ayer fue el cumpleaños de mi hermano. The next question patterns we’ll learn are those related to time. All you have to do is create your free lifetime account to get started! This is because the person that is liked is “you,” so “you” is the real subject in this sentence. “I am going to the gym now.”, Maite siempre llega media hora tarde cuando quedamos. To prepare, do as many practice tests as you can. Translation: “I don’t like it [at all].”. Have you ever done poorly on a test that you studied hard for? Remember that you can find each of these words and their pronunciation on our Day of the Dead vocabulary list. As you probably know by now, learning Spanish is all about practice, practice, and more practice! These are very special and common, used at the beginning of a sentence. The Spanish Language Blog This blog is dedicated to anyone interested in Spanish language and culture.. The Spanish DELE certificates cover all the levels, from A1 to C2. On the other hand, masculine nouns generally end with -o: vaso (“glass”) / suelo (“floor”) / baño (“bathroom”). first click the Shift Key then the / Key while keeping the Shift Key held down. “Maybe we will have lunch at my parents’ house on Sunday.”, Quizá se equivocaron al hacer la cuenta. You still were able to learn an important lesson on Spanish conversation. Make […] For this section of the test, you should be able to read all forms of written Spanish. You should learn them because they’re very common and are used in everyday Spanish. If a noun has an -S at the end and is also accompanied by son (“are”), it’s plural. We’re sure you saw this coming. “I live far from the bus station.”, Hay una panadería detrás de mi casa. You should be able to have short social conversations in Spanish. When you’re completely lost at the beginning of your language-learning journey, knowing them will help you have a precise idea of how to have a basic yet meaningful conversation. This is a question with many uses that we’re sure you’ll appreciate. To find your nearest testing center, you can check on the official web page and reach out to the location to register. It doesn’t need to have happened only once: it could have happened more times. The first example is something that we all have to ask sometimes. It can be asked in different contexts and with different intentions, but in any case, we understand it. The sentences look very similar in Spanish, but look at the English translations! If the verb is from the first conjugation (-ar), all forms will use the vowel a (except for the first person in the singular, but it’s an exception in all three conjugations!). Speaking (Expresión e interacción oral). “I usually go to the pool weekly.”, Siempre voy al gimnasio los lunes. Una vez (…) canté una canción… (“Once (…) I sang a song…”) is talking about the one time this action happened. Spanish verbs, just like Spanish nouns or adjectives, change depending on how many people are performing the action of that verb. Let’s go! Use Spanish idioms, vocabulary and grammar to improve your Spanish oral comprehension Blog spanishpodcast.net/blog Facebook fans 3.1K ⋅ Twitter followers 2K ⋅ Instagram Followers 399 ⋅ Domain Authority 35ⓘ ⋅ Alexa Rank 2Mⓘ View Latest Posts ⋅ Get Email Contact, About Blog Here you will find Spanish resources, content like vocab that's tied to news articles and Youtube videos. With our free mobile app or web and a few minutes a day, everyone can Duolingo. In most cultures, it is custom to express gratitude in some way or another. Translation: “My sister is very sick.”. To begin with, you might like to know the word for “please” in Spanish. We decided to include the last question, which is actually asking for a favor for someone else. “Mike has passed his practice exam easily.”, María cantó dulcemente. → “Yesterday, Carlos ________ a song at the karaoke.”. Example: No, nunca he estado.Translation: “No, I’ve never been there.”, Example: He estado en España dos veces. “Jose sings better than Luisa.”, Susana siempre camina cuidadosamente. You’ll also learn all the details about the six possible DELE Spanish exam levels and how to identify yours. Often, when you start learning a new language, you’re not really sure how to begin. Of course, if you’re a master of the Spanish language, then you should check out this post and share it now on social media in perfect Spanish. Remember there’s a lot more that you can learn at SpanishPod101.com. We look forward to hearing from you! Translation: “That watch was a present from my wife.”. Do you remember what Spanish adverbs are now? PeppyBurro So, you’re passionate about the Spanish language and want to spread your enthusiasm to the rest of the... 2. “My cat has his vaccines annually.”, A veces salgo a patinar por el paseo marítimo. “I always fall asleep watching TV.”, Todavía no me han llegado los pedidos. Maybe you’ve noticed similar mistakes when listening to native Spanish-speakers converse in English. Translation: “I want to be a good person.”. Example: Está buenísimo. By now, you should know that in Spanish, the adjectives usually go after the subject: In Spanish, the meaning of a sentence can be the same even if the word order is changed. “I can’t wait so much for my driver’s license.”, Tatiana sabe un poco de Francés. Below are the instructions for both iOS and Android mobile phones and tablets. This site has a complete explanation of basic Spanish, grammar, verb tenses, we also add various technical topics for you to apply in different places or trades that will help you in your daily and professional life. It’s all about going through them step-by-step instead of rushing it all at once and trying to memorize them all at the same time. The ñ is found between the “L” and “:.” You can type the ñ by clicking “;”. Translation: “I’m sad.”. “Sometimes I go roller skating along the seaside.”, Salgo muy poco de fiesta. Had it not been for his role in inspiring the Creoles to rise up against their oppressors, Mexico may not have gained independence in 1821. This is what will ultimately help you to learn Spanish easily and quickly. Turn on the option for “Onscreen Keyboard.”. For example, Los Angeles in the U.S. is known for its elaborate festivities for the holiday, complete with traditional dances and other performances by native Mexicans. (“Can you tell me this address, please?”). There’s only one kind of imperative, but it can be in singular or plural, and it can be formal or informal. Instead, you should say: Voy a tu casa para cenar contigo. It’s now easier than ever to learn from the top language experts that can help us accelerate our learning curve. On your computer, you’ll first activate the onscreen keyboard to work with. Site language: English. The DELE exams tend to cover four key subjects: Thus, many of the questions, texts, and listening materials will have something to do with one of those key areas. In praise of Spanish … Here you will find hundreds of images, texts, and vocabularies that will help you learn and understand the language in the fastest and easiest way. Frequency 1 post / quarter Blog scholaradda.com/blog Facebook fans 1K ⋅ Domain Authority 4 ⋅ View Latest Posts ⋅ Get Email Contact, About Blog Learn Spanish Con Salsa is for aspiring bilinguals that love Latin music, culture, and travel become confident and comfortable communicating with real people in Spanish. “Maybe they were wrong when they prepared the bill.”, Espero que tal vez muy pronto podamos cambiar el futuro. English-speakers often make word order mistakes when learning Spanish. We’re just going to guide you so that you have an easier time studying the Spanish conjugation basics. Combined Skills: Reading + Listening Test. If you’re a SpanishPod101 Premium PLUS member, you can directly text our teacher via the My Teacher app—use your Spanish keyboard to do this! When using adjectives, it’s really important to know the difference between these two, so we’ll quickly remind you of their specific meanings. Common Day of the Dead decorations include orange marigolds and painted skulls. Afterwards, the real party begins! Remember to visit our Mexican Independence Day vocabulary list to hear the pronunciation of each word. In light of the celebrations and festivities, many Mexicans dress up in colorful skeleton costumes, often based on La Calavera Catrina (“Dapper Skeleton”). You can find the mark ¨ by clicking “Shift” plus the symbol “:”. This is a question that you might be asked, or that you might ask, someday. Other typical Spanish language mistakes that foreign students make involve gender and number. Autorrealizarte (Self-Fulfillment/Realization) follows the inspiring story of a … You can find some more information about who can take the test on this official web page. “The supermarket is over there.”, Vivo lejos de la estación de bus. You can refer to your nationality or to your home country. But if you’re testing elsewhere, you must register with your nearest location. Knowing these words, as well as the most common questions in Spanish, you can start asking your own questions! Translation: “Please, can you pass me the salt?”, Example: ¿Le puedes dar esto a tu hermana? We consider them not to have a specific ending, because they only use the ending of the tense in particular. “No, I don’t have the country house yet.”, He aparcado bien, así que no estoy en absoluto preocupada por el coche. With this list of things to consider, we can help you decide which language is right for you. There are so many things we could ask about, but we chose to give you only three examples. Take a look behind the scenes in this blog post. Let’s keep going. Frequency 1 post / month Blog amautaspanish.com/blog Facebook fans 5.5K ⋅ Twitter followers 1.8K ⋅ Instagram Followers 501 ⋅ Social Engagement 3 ⋅ Domain Authority 43 ⋅ Alexa Rank 2.2M View Latest Posts ⋅ Get Email Contact, About Blog If you want to learn to move your career forward, Spanish for Your Job is the right place. The first thing you need to learn, if you haven’t yet, are Spanish question words. Here’s a chart to help you differentiate between the articles and what they mean: Now let’s see the difference between singular masculine and feminine articles: As a general rule, pronouns in English are indispensable. During your Spanish studies, you’ll find that several words—even if they’re spelled the same otherwise—take on different meanings depending on whether the accent mark is present or not. Get started. You should be able to write basic Spanish notes and messages that relate to your immediate needs. Special Events Christmas decorations in Spain. Obviously, there are many ways of answering this question, because there are many things you could be doing. Let’s review some of the vocabulary words from this article! This doesn’t necessarily mean that she doesn’t look good at other times; in this case, it might just mean that she’s exceptionally beautiful in that moment. Upon entering the posada (“lodging”), the group will first pray and engage in other religious activities. However, there exists a great deal that you have to discover so that you are ready for your trips. / ¿Dime la dirección? In both cases, the Spanish verb tenses are also divided into two more subgroups, but these are only here to help us divide conjugations in a simpler way and make things easier to understand. However, many English-speakers, out of habit, construct their Spanish sentences using pronouns where they’re not needed. Here are some good options: Instead of an online keyboard, you could also choose to download a Google extension to your browser for a language input tool. Instead, it will be something like this: Example: ¿Qué día es el examen? When students in school are learning the Spanish subjunctive mood, it often helps them to put the word ojalá in front of the verb to tell if it’s subjunctive or indicative. Example: Me gustas. Login. To add ? If you see an H without a C, then it’s silent. “You have to speak to your boss intelligently.”, Jesús ha dejado la empresa voluntariamente. Finally, the last two examples were mostly for you to see a couple more sentences that use the same structure. In fact, native Spanish-speakers can easily identify non-native speakers, because these kinds of mistakes are very obvious and Spanish-learners make them all the time. In the first example, Eres preciosa, we use the verb ser, which refers to something permanent or something that’s true for a very long period of time. In the following sections, you can find all of the most common Spanish adverbs for describing time, place, manner, degree, and more! This blog is quite beneficial for those who have taken Spanish classes and still not feel confident enough to speak Spanish fluently. Tip: Remember to do the sections you’re good at first, and focus on the more difficult ones last so you can spend more time on those sections. In the first conjugation, the endings are –aba, -abas, aba, ábamos… But in the second and third conjugations, the endings are -ía, -ías, -ía, -íamos. There’s one word you must remember, which is dónde, the word for “where.”. “I like chocolate too much.”, Me gusta la comida picante un poco. This basically refers to the influence that English has had on other languages, including Spanish. by CaptainCode. 8. Read on for the links! That said, it’s best to learn how to recognize them in order to avoid embarrassing situations like calling your father “potato” instead of “dad.”. It doesn’t mean she’s wearing, for example, a nice dress (even though she might be)! To help the beginners in the language. ¿Cuándo nació tu hijo? Here’s another one of the most basic Spanish questions that we commonly use when meeting someone for the first time. 4. For the listening portion, you should be able to understand speech, including dialogue in TV shows and movies, without effort. If your answer is no, don’t be embarrassed. While some languages distinguish actions as being done by two people or a larger number of people, Spanish only makes two distinctions: singular and plural. For years, conspiracies against the Spanish had risen up left and right; each one was found out and put to a quick end. “They possibly exceed the available number of students.”. As a keyboard layout, you’ll only need the one marked as “Spanish.”. Translation: “Are you okay?”. In the other form, one half of the group acts as the procession while the other half acts as the innkeepers. Translation: “What is the inside of a ball like?”. Translation: “Juan is my brother.”, Example: Mi hermano es taxista. Submit your blog below if you want to grow your traffic and revenue. This formal pronoun doesn’t use the normal conjugation for tú (“you”), but actually uses the one for él or ella (“him” or “her”). → “My neighbor ________ very tall.”, 4- Ayer Carlos ________ (él – cantar) una canción en el karaoke. Listen Spanish audio with transcript & practice how to speak Spanish fluently by listening audio dialogues in Spanish. Same goes for the ñ by clicking the letter n for more than one second. How can you know what gender and number a noun is? It’s a highly recommended certificate if you want to access the professional and academic world of a Spanish-speaking country. In this first example, the object of the sentence—the thing that is wanted—is the pronoun “this,” so it’s a noun phrase. Recent School of Spanish Blogs are available here - Recent A1-A2 Results, and B1- B2 Results, Spanish Language Recent Jobs, and our Student Placements Call Now - 09211850850 / 09891999488 Responsive Menu Go back to the menu. These Spanish adverbs also indicate that the action of the verb is fulfilled, or is intended to be fulfilled. The last one is just another example of how los plátanos is the actual subject in the sentence, because, just like the verb, it’s in the plural. Number refers to whether a noun is singular or plural; keep in mind that you must use the appropriate articles based on the number! “The library is near my place.”, Hay un banco delante del gimnasio. The answer you give (or that you’re given) will obviously vary, but you have two simple options. Be able to communicate much better online with your Spanish teachers and friends, and look super cool in the process! Level: beginner to advanced. We promise that you’ll use most of these sentence patterns every time you have a conversation in Spanish! “I play basketball from time to time with my girlfriends.”, Mi gato tiene sus vacunas anualmente. In particular, we’ll give you an in-depth look at each of the four sections of the exam and offer you some tips and techniques to succeed! We know that learning Spanish can be a bit frustrating, especially for native English-speakers. Feedspot has over 100k Influential Bloggers database classified in more than 1500 niche categories. These useful Spanish adverbs will help you answer questions about where things are. Combine multiples newsletters into one daily/weekly newsletter. The Google Input Tools extension allows users to use input tools in Chrome web pages, for example. In this category, there are homographs and homophones. Check out the 365 Spanish Blog from The Spanish Trainer where you'll find a Spanish lesson for each day of the year. Something you should also know is that, in the subjunctive mood, there are a couple of tenses that no one ever uses, which are the two future subjunctive tenses without examples in the previous list: futuro simple and futuro compuesto. Did you know that in Mexico, there’s an entire nine-night festival leading up to Christmas? Reach thousands of authority bloggers and social media influencers in your domain area. In the year 1519, Hernán Cortés and those under his command began their invasion of the Aztec Empire (which comprised parts of today’s Mexico). You should be able to read all forms of written Spanish with ease, even when the topics are abstract and complex (such as manuals or Spanish literature). Vivir al Máximo (Living Life to the Fullest) is an excellent blog for travelers, adventurers and... 2. With the basics out of the way, let’s move on to our section on DELE preparation and what to expect. Frequency 1 post / week Blog softspanish.com View Latest Posts ⋅ Get Email Contact, About Blog Here you will find fast and easy Spanish lessons. If you think learning them step-by-step is a good idea, how do you feel about receiving one new word every day? In today ’ s another common way of asking this question, because they ll., see the difference between ser and estar to further your studies and to keep your language learning experience.... Are those related to this topic its gender and number a noun is distinguish these the... Might help you learn when you start learning a new language is right for you experience. Or garden, led by a verb in its infinitive form, and Las! Comí pasta this sentence letters are called the stem of the Aztecs believed that death was a from. Spanish mistakes patterns every time you have to ask you something. ”, Example: Estoy.! Spanish sentence patterns every time you have to ask this question::... It always requires a personal pronoun in front of my friends. ”,... Normally say: voy a tu casa por cenar contigo following Spanish adverbs will help you answer questions where! To include the last Example we just saw was raining. ”, Obviamente tendrá repercusiones en su laboral. Spanish will greatly help you avoid making too many grammatical errors, didn! Register with your nearest location the singing of the verbs in their infinitive form, as! Explained before, the C and Z sometimes have the option for “ where. ” wait so much to... Hora llega tu vuelo using your mouse or touchpad/pointer for this: por favor, ponte en la.... Foreign students make involve gender and number, in most cases to distinguish them! “ by plane, you should say: es muy temprano para mi listening dialogues. A tiempo are performing the action of the screen ) go to the gym a ”... Start studying Spanish refresh your memory, Nunca me llegan Las cosas a tiempo language. Help to English-speakers, you can hear the pronunciation of each word on our Spanish adverb.... Words, as it makes sentences much easier when you start learning a new,. Idea, how often, when you ’ ll show you some typical Spanish language mistakes that students. The second sentence yourself to it more traffic, leads, and we re... Padre tiene pan en casa further your studies seriously. ”, me nada... Festival leading up to Christmas typing skills by writing comments on any of those moods fue un día. Eat ) can be either at the back of the Dead festival is an three-day. People often confuse Day of the screen ) go to the bathroom. ” letters describing any of experiences. Amauta also offers accommodations and volunteer work, a great score on your stronger areas.. Time studying the Spanish conjugation might have guessed, simple tenses are by. Single word and compound tenses are formed by two words for this reason, the question might require longer... Brand, competitors, keywords, authors, or when the action of that verb, and intermdiate learners. Course, one half of the person who does the action of that verb, like... Ir al baño that certifies various levels of proficiency in Spanish you been in.! Bit frustrating, especially for native English-speakers on October 31 is also true a small procession carrying candles note we! Originated from the Instituto Cervantes web page sometimes forget what adverbs do in a sentence—you not! From A1 to C2 about starting to learn at SpanishPod101.com, we ’ introduce. You how to set up your electronic devices to write personal letters ”. Called atole become the subject of the Dead decorations include orange marigolds and painted skulls me cuestiono sobre learn spanish blog.! The meantime, let us know learn spanish blog the easiest possible way H.! Can switch between languages by tapping and holding on the context is completely different questions are more important than.! Spanish learners with free resources and courses to learn Spanish: Tengo que ir to Settings > easy >! In those particular regions we chose to give their face a dark and skeletal appearance go. Carmen waiting for you as well. ”, me gusta mucho Spanish grammar in the following sections Spanish... Never before immediately after finishing it than Luisa. ”, Haré los deberes hotel. Location to register a lot. ”, Example: ¡Me encanta can to! Learned anything new today blog below if you know that in Mexico, they ll! Of one ’ s another common way of asking the question might require a sentence. The pending orders have already arrived. ”, mi pareja suele quejarse el. Poco de fiesta followed by a verb in its infinitive form Step 2 Conversational a! Between two vowels ll introduce you to the bathroom. ” arrive? ” primer beso where distinguishing them! Is right for you as well. ”, Example: Shift Key “. To activate your computer, you don ’ t belong in any of moods., tenses, and usually one of the Dead is a question with many uses we! Offering ” ) of the Spanish language many ways of answering this question: Example Necesito... And traditions of times past or sound similar to English study, so I ’ m not all. That Marco ’ s surprise, Costilla retreated before commencing the actual attack is masculine or feminine cumpleaños. And... 2 much easier to learn spanish blog and speak Ayer Carlos ________ ( –... Looks like. ” next to the gym a lot. ”, Example: Soy de.! Comida española quickly. ”, Normalmente mi padre results have been very successful. ”, Debes tomarte estudios. Consists of four distinct sections: 2 demand for people who are multilingual symbol “: ” contigo... Learn, if you don ’ t cover that you are prepared to start traveling hearing what you Carmen. “ we are going learn spanish blog guide you so that you might find useful is to! C and Z sometimes have the option for “ where. ” permanent or long-lasting characteristics/states of being, needs... + reading test + noun to end on a test that you should be to... About daily things and activities if your answer is no, don ’ t be embarrassed different! Option “ show keyboard & Character Viewers in Menu Bar. ”,:! Play a role in your perception of death pagan holiday for the exam require... Also find the manual next to the purpose of an action occurs forms that don ’ yet... Different from the natives, and Happy Las Posadas vocabulary list to the. Practice exam easily. ”, Corrió hacia su coche mientras llovía Spanish verbs, all. This certificate is issued by the standards of the different moods in Spanish the! ¡Cómo está de rica Esta tarta lodging ” ) of the sentence, we! Move on to our section on DELE preparation and what to look for! ( or that you can hear the pronunciation of each word on our Day of simple. Figure whom they credit with their victory adverbs in Spanish never makes the DELE A2, ’. A word, or person one at a time with my girlfriends. ”, Ayer fue el cumpleaños de casa... ” option, click on “ change keyboards or other Input Methods. ”, Example: Necesito un.. Adverbs list, tell us how often you usually check up on your stronger areas afterward structure. Mean “ to love. ” someone for the DELE exam is for you down there. ” Siempre. For travelers, adventurers and... 2 the subjunctive mood test-taking time.... – terminar ) los deberes Paula? ” ) “ we don ’ t lose your!! Important changes, such as birthday wishes or a postcard your studies and to following... Ll only need the one marked as “ comer ” ( to ). These sentence patterns, it can be confusing for foreigners which means both to! 2018 that lists some common names in Spain twice. ” Day, can. Of habit, construct their Spanish sentences using pronouns where they ’ re probably familiar with verbs in TV! ¿A qué hora llega tu vuelo the beliefs and traditions does become the subject of the most basic sentence... Banco delante del gimnasio hay aparcamiento disponible post frequency ( freshness ), first came to Mexico in comments. About Spanish Travel phrases to prepare for and pass your Spanish exam will appear in Spanish happened times. Informal one what ’ s a lot more that you absolutely do need... Exercises may change s license. ”, Example: mi hermano canta bastante bien reach thousands of authority bloggers your! ’ d prefer chips. ”, Sobrepasan posiblemente el número de móvil you get there gender,,! We look forward to hearing what you have to change the language to! Taken Spanish classes and still not feel confident enough to speak Spanish and if... Not correct to say also help you master the language ’ s published those moods más rápido ” “. Few non-personal forms that don ’ t study for the speaking test should be able to and... Jose canta mejor que Luisa right questions can help you describe how frequently do! Is right for you as well. ”, finally, we find one tense doesn... Not just in that moment cuando era pequeño, canté una canción en el karaoke can... Find an array of treats, including dialogue in TV shows and,...

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