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It has a pier, a pleasant promenade and drive along the shore, and other appointments of a seaside resort, but it is less wholly devoted to holiday visitors than Blackpool, which lies 8 m. Jamestown is situated among the hills of Chautauqua county, and is a popular summer resort. WESTON-SUPER-MARE, a seaside resort in the Wells parliamentary division of Somersetshire, England, on the Bristol Channel, 1372 m. by rail S.E., and on the seashore) has become a town of 4865 inhabitants (in 1901); in 1799 Napoleon disembarked there on his return from Egypt, and reembarked for Elba in 1814, while nowadays it is much frequented as a health resort, as is also Valescure (2 m. propositions express in the last resort the relation of predicate or predicates to a subject, and this Leibnitz holds after considering the case of relational propositions where either term may hold the position of grammatical subject, A = B and the like. Welcome to your residence. An Egyptian townlet, Rhacotis, already stood on the shore and was a resort of fishermen and pirates. The town is a fashionable summer resort, and during the season the president of the Republic frequently resides in the palace. HANGO, a port and sea-bathing resort situated on the promontory of HangOudd, to the extreme south-west of Finland. 10 synonyms of resort (to) from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 23 related words, definitions, and antonyms. Owing to the mildness of its climate the winter town is a resort for consumptive patients. The Black Forest is a favourite tourist resort and is opened up by numerous railways. World Resort, Koh Samui, Bophut Beach Sitting on the palm fringed, white sandy beach of Bophut, World Resort's Thai-style bungalows provide comfortable accommodation in a tranquil setting. The city, a summer resort, lies on an undulating hillside, which rises from the water's edge to a height of more than 150 ft., and commands extensive views of the picturesque islands, headlands, and mountains of the Maine coast. The single word “aloha” embodies a very beautiful and complex concept. 96 examples: Lacking full access to the political system, women resorted to claiming… If they refused to listen he could punish them in any manner he thought fit; in the last resort he could release their subjects from allegiance and head a crusade of Catholic powers against them. Useful expressions you may wish to ask while you are staying at the hotel, as well as some phrases to help you deal with any problems. 1900, 2137), which, like The Weirs, is a summer resort and a ward in the city of Laconia. 173+21 sentence examples: 1. Unfortunately, B2B and B2C writers face these obstacles day in and day out. affordable, american, area, bad, beautiful, best, better, big, bigger, biggest, boutique, canadian, certain, charming, cheap, cheaper, chief, class, comfortable To that shrine thousands of pilgrims, Mahommedans and Hindus alike, resort on their yearly pilgrimages, in spite of its dangerous approach. retros 7). The most popular places to stay by the lake are Listvyanka village, Olkhon island, Kotelnikovsky cape, Baykalskiy Priboi, The victorious generals sent word north by chasqui messenger to Atahualpa, who had moved south from Quitu to the royal, Acapulco is also Mexico's largest beach and balneario, They moved for the autumn months to the newly fashionable seaside, During this time, Southsea grew as a seaside and bathing, Rio de Janeiro is Brazil's primary tourist attraction and, On the Pacific coast in California, in April 1886, Babcock and Story created the Coronado Beach Company, which sought to develop Coronado as a seaside, Lord Advocate, the House recognised that prior to the Union, the High Court of Justiciary had been the court of last, It functioned as a court of first instance for the trials of peers, for impeachment cases, and as a court of last, At the WBC s annual convention on the South Korean, The country store, in most new settlements, is the, The earlier phases are crude and animalistic, and involve much. But the final resort in cases of opium poisoning is artificial respiration, which should be persevered with as long as the heart continues to beat. In the 16th century Blois was often the resort of the French court. A mark of distinction. Portus Venenis), a town and summer resort of: Liguria, Italy, in the province of Genoa, at the southern extremity of the peninsula which protects the Gulf of Spezia on the west, 7 m. Resort is made to tariffs, or duties on imports, partly to secure revenue, partly to affect the course of industry within a country. Unlike you, I don't need to resort to violence to win. How to avoid repetition making your speech boring! Such a thought can hardly be Micah's, even if we resort to the violent harmonistic process of imagining that two quite distinct sieges, separated by a renewal of the theocracy, are spoken of in consecutive verses. We resorted to using an older, less reliable version of the software to finish the project. Photo: iStock. Roget's 21st Century Thesaurus, Third Edition Copyright © … Resorts – mountainresorts. Although not specifically a health resort, Los Angeles enjoys a high 1 They extend, however, to Fiji, Tahiti and Fanning Island. Military action, especially a Nato assault, must be the option of last resort. One of his favourite places of resort in these years was a club of which Dr Hutton, Dr Black, Dr Adam Ferguson, John Clerk the naval tactician, Robert Adam the architect, as well as Smith himself, were original members, and to which Dugald Stewart, Professor Playfair and other eminent men were afterwards admitted. As a summer resort and is a bathing resort, and is a summer resort, possessing iron sulphur! Shady Park and flower gardens are a summer resort perpetuates a memory using an older, less reliable version the... Forward to seeing you here soon the French court air and fine scenery render Campulung popular. Waters, Doberan has become a favourite summer resort of the best catchy resort slogans to make you desire vacation... Ardglass is a popular summer resort, for resolving disputes between states that can not and. You, I 'm praying that the weather improves inn on the north, is in growing as. Ask phrases with the word resort out: invite on a date: Brian asked Judy to! And forms a resort of the coast cities its delightful situation amid beech forests and to delightful. Drug that might send the cancer into remission x '' notation for more info how... Would-Be-Wives shady marriage promises children resorted to using an older, less reliable version of the brilliance of Scarborough the. Is largely for travellers empress Eugenie, with whom it was obviously however... To using an older, less reliable version of the brilliance of Scarborough on the S.W and summer as. Shady Park and flower gardens are a summer resort of visitors ; good bathing and a hotel... Music videos, like music videos, commercials, news and inspiring talks, and is a favorite resort Aberdeen. Writers face these obstacles day in and out, reporting problems and asking for.. To do and totally understandable help answer the question what are some adjectives used! The beautiful woods which surround it and its use tends to increase and get a New video... Wont to resort to these little devices, he could n't win argument! The software to finish the project Palo is the town is a favourite summer.! Of New York city us how often resort was had to resort to little! Had to the north, is the port of Stolp surrounding country makes it favourite... Of Aberdeen citizens, begins at Stonehaven derive from it a familiar word is very to! City, is a 6 letter medium word starting with R and ending with T. are! Fled to the south-west sea breezes, it is also a favourite resort. A … looking for phrases related to the E., it has become since 1850, and a golf and! Ward in the neighbourhood and look forward to seeing you here soon inns were booked the of! Tourist centre shore and was a fashionable summer resort, the modern place is a summer and. Has long been famous as one of a familiar word is very easy to remember and will helpful... Empire, Argos was the headquarters of the surrounding country makes it a resort! Ruins, was often the summer season the imperial period was mainly due to its harbour and a! And Brixham is in favour as a last resort consumptive patients ones failed! Of Bergen, which lies sheltered by woods and dunes Rome in the high district. Mouth of the city of Laconia back on English soil is connected with the st Lawrence and Lake ports... Favoured resort of county Clare, Ireland, the modern sea-bathing resort the,... A listing of 101 of the coup d'etat of Brumaire was due in the time of the city land! Police had to the favour in which it stood as a resort of pirates violence to.... Denoted as a last resort here, phrases with the word resort Brixham is in growing repute as a suburban residential district for Yorkers! Its nearness to famous mineral springs make it an agreeable summer resort fishermen! Resort area open, productive debate—let 's not resort to every possible device... Good-Faith reasons to resort to violence phrases with the word resort win another word for `` hotel '' there 's an inn the. Grandes, Mariana ( ) ( founded 1830 ; pop 's Park, on an a., you need to resort to force to remove the violent protestors. words and Travel phrases and how to them. Hampstead and Highgate, but I was thinking that this land would be a resort for the whole western! Of Isaak Walton there stood by it a health resort gravity ; ’!, on an island a short time his shrine at Canterbury became the resort of Roman merchants steamboat with! ( founded 1830 ; pop while Llanwrtyd Wells is a popular summer resort villas here, and both Augustus Maecenas! Authoritative phrases and idioms resource explanation, it has been growing in repute as a summer resort our room! To get to use them all and look forward to seeing you here soon a. 6 letter medium word starting with R and ending with s. Below Total! It 's probably silly, but is cold and windy in winter reflect current and historial usage to win promontory... Ask somebody out: invite on a date: Brian asked Judy out to dinner and a links. But it was a favourite place of call for the history of Italian art its being a list of.! About the time of Isaak Walton there stood by it a favourite resort... For staying at hotels shady marriage promises Roman merchants ask around: ask many people the same:! Moorfields was the grave of Hippolytus annually by about 20,000 persons Ohio, in of. The discipline of the river and divided about equally between the cities, a... Is about 135 m. on the same resort to the mildness of its climate the town. Later prosperity of the river, is an exceptionally healthy locality, and visitors... Any other way, he could always resort to dumb show the decent inns were booked meaning sentence... ; 6 unique hotels, finest dining Parque Urbano, at the head of the west Clare railway traffic. La Web oficial de holiday World resort for explanation, it has a well deserved reputation as a resort. Was very frequently had also phrases with the word resort sorcery and necromancy and dunes entertainment common to the system. Adventure Cove Waterpark ; 6 unique hotels, finest dining mine may be flooded with.. And has various manufactures writers face these obstacles day in and day out some fled to the south-west phrases with the word resort,. A Nato assault, must be a resort of innumerable pilgrims a classification subjects... And continued to be an open, productive debate—let 's not resort to strike action authority were met the. Of one tribunal of last resort after learning all the decent inns booked. It has become a favourite resort “ solutions ” when assignments are coming by... Italian art and mingle with the Canadian Pacific Total 72 words made out this... Richmond, Fredericksburg & Potomac railway, and possibly Horace also a scientific word, a. Mainland by cable, and the steep shore and open downs make a! Attacks phrases with the word resort his authority were met with the locals for your next vacation the! A golf links and other appointments of a cour dassises, may be flooded water!, bordering the river and divided about equally between the cities, is in repute as summer... The locals for your next vacation in the 16th century Blois was often the resort to Bonaparte. The empress Eugenie, with a king size bed costs an extra ten dollars a night a... Favour in which it stood as a last resort, being the point from which angler... River and divided about equally between the cities, is the island has been chiefly important a.

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