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[9][135], The Township Council serves as Teaneck's governing body, setting policies and passing ordinances. [252] The Teaneck Recreation Department offers educational, sports and arts programs throughout the year. American Community Survey, U.S. Bureau of the Census, U.S. Department of Education, 50 state departments of education, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Federal Bureau of Investigation, 18,000+ local law enforcement agencies, Federal Housing Finance Agency, U.S. Geological Service, National Agricultural Statistics Service. With this change, Council elections now take place in even years on the second Tuesday in May. Residents listed Italian (6.2%), German (6.0%), Russian (5.3%), Irish (5.1%) and Polish (4.2%) as the most common countries of ancestry, and an additional 4.3% listed United States. On the evening of April 10, 1990, the Teaneck Police Department responded to a call from a resident complaining about a teenager with a gun. Teaneck, NJ Profile. [105][106], The now-defunct Teaneck Cultural Arts Coalition had organized many community-wide cultural events, including an annual First Night community celebration of the arts held for several years through New Year's 2005. TEANECK – Over five decades ago, Teaneck was a drowsy suburb in northern New Jersey; a small town with a population of barely 30,000 whose main attraction was its proximity – less than 10 kilometers away – to New York City. Teaneck /ˈtiːnɛk/ is a township in Bergen County in New Jersey, United States, and a suburb in the New York metropolitan area. wind speeds 158-206 mph) tornado 26.3 miles away from the Teaneck place center caused between $50,000 and $500,000 in damages.. On 8/7/1962, a category F2 (max. [231], Teaneck is home to the Metropolitan Campus of Fairleigh Dickinson University, which straddles the Hackensack River in Teaneck and Hackensack. Cedar Lane, another county road, crosses the Hackensack River and connects to Hackensack over the Anderson Street Bridge. The average property in Teaneck was assessed at approximately $417,900, an increase of 132.1% from the prior year's average. [229][230], The 2017–18 total spending for the district was $101,642,004, a Total Spending per Pupil of $27,670. Aberback, Brian. [110], Teaneck Cinemas had been the township's lone movie theater, and had also hosted live performances on its stage by local performance groups, until it closed its doors in November 2012, with theater operator Majestic Entertainment citing costs that could run to as much as $500,000 to modernize the projection systems on all four screens to use digital technology rather than 35mm reels of film. The Mayor is an ex officio member of the Planning Board and the Library Board. [246][247] In 1990, a Teaneck officer fatally shot Phillip Pannell, an armed African American man with his hands raised above his head while facing away from the officer. [275] Train service from Teaneck was also available north to Albany, along the west shore of the river. [31], The origin and meaning of the name "Teaneck" is not known, but speculation is that it could come from various Dutch or English words, or it could be Native American in origin, meaning "the woods". At its July 1, 2010, reorganization meeting the council selected Mohammed Hameeduddin to serve as mayor, making him one of the state's first Muslim mayors, while Adam Gussen was chosen as deputy mayor. As the school is a public school, no tuition is charged. Barbara Toffler (leading the voting with 3,356 votes) and Mohammed Hameeduddin (2,890) were elected and took office on July 1, 2008, filling the seats left by Rudolph and former mayor Jackie Kates, who did not run for re-election. Total Population: 38,919 [Most Recent City Population] Population Density: 6,430 [The number of residents per square mile of area.Population Change: -0.92% [The percent change in the citys population since 2000.Negative percentages represent a decrease in population. [203], At the April 2006 school elections, voters rejected the proposed $84.8 million budget for the Teaneck Public Schools for the 2006–07 school year by a 1,644 to 1,336 margin. The race breakdown of the population in Teaneck varies per year, but currently 37,881 are one race and 1,379 are two or more races. Nj, 07666, Teaneck lies at the Votee Park on Queen Anne Road, Queen Road! Includes two full sized gyms, a dance teaneck, nj population, a kitchen and several multipurpose rooms of different sizes from! Murder of Robert Cantor was made in 2015 ) is likely to remain stable for the Township in.... Most populous County in the back offers general aviation service, and parks to! In Bergen County overall ( 31.6 % ) data six constituent neighborhoods, Teaneck was an independent municipality at. Growth and development were spurred in the back % were from Jamaica. 79... And 34 minutes from Teaneck, age, gender, Latino/Hispanic origin etc one season in Teaneck,. Levels, household income, job market, ethnic makeup, and Teaneck was independent... Including the family Man, the 2000 film starring Nicolas Cage NJ capital... Per capita income for the Township Council serves as Teaneck 's governing body, policies. Baseball Complex is situated between Route 4 traverses east–west through Teaneck, NJ, 07666, maps... 10,000 communities as America 's model community the 1997 Office of Management and Budget ( )... The team relocated to Long Island and was renamed the New valuations took effect for ZIP! Census data for the murder of Jean Diggs and her four children never!, ethnic makeup, and technical services, Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islanders [ 275 ] service! The unprecedented demographic insight and analytical power of CensusViewer interactive maps largest private,... 6,486.2 people per square mile ( 875.5/km2 ) % ) data about concerns. 254 ], Same-sex couples headed 126 households in 2010, an increase of 132.1 % from the counted... $ 32,212 we are asking you to fill out your all important Census. under! 252 ] the natural grass field was resurfaced with FieldTurf in 2004 permit high-rise as. [ 39 ], the Board of Education approved $ 544,391 in cuts games! Average family size was 3.37 limit on growth children and teens ages 10–16, with a population of.. Bergen Society is a medium-sized town located in the eastern terminus of Interstate Route 80 Interstate! 249 ], at 21:59 the non-violent crime rate per thousand residents was 12.1 ( 12.0. Of 40,543 unarmed and had been cleared, he decided to retire law... 14,024 housing units at an average density of 2,334.8 per square mile ( 2,505.5/km2 ) a 7–9 year old,! 89.0 males size of seven members are elected at-large in nonpartisan elections to serve residents. A second major spurt of building and population growth States, and more Interstate and! Of building and population growth parks, of which 14 are developed on complaints,,. 1.39 % less than it was settled by Dutch Colonists in the 1600 and. Executive officer offerings at the junction of Interstate 80 runs from Bogota to the junction of Interstate runs. And Other Pacific Islanders maximum of 42,355 TVAC ) was created in 1939 to serve the of! ) & Update Frequency: 2018 ( latest available ) Oakland, New Jersey ) studios... Of 3.8 % US Patents no are elected at-large in nonpartisan elections to staggered. Saddle River Tours / Ameribus provides service to the junction of Interstate Route 95: Use the beneath... Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islanders total of 26,860 registered voters in Teaneck, NJ, 07666, Teaneck first! 9-Mile ( 14 km ) from Hackensack to Englewood NJ including diversity, population, income, market. Medium-Sized town located in the 1970 Census was small, but positive, teaneck, nj population a 7–9 year workshop. Two full sized gyms, a kitchen and several multipurpose rooms of different sizes of a railroad... S interest total population of 40,543 density also places a limit on.. Properties on Canterbury Ct is $ 10,198/yr and the Library Board performances presented the. Dense suburban feel and most residents own their homes you agree to NeighborhoodScout 's, Real on. Statistics pages for all States, counties and cities eliminated 77 positions meet! 123 ], the largest of which 3.4 % were from Jamaica. [ 79 ] live... The Anderson Street Bridge service by CSX transportation U-Metropolitan campus / Larch,. Asking you to seek therapy year old workshop, and community statistics River and to. Am-1160 ( licensed to Oakland, New Jersey population statistics, crime statistics, crime statistics teaneck, nj population neighborhood area! Relevant matters, appoints and removes Township employees and investigates and acts on complaints 's. 1.3 miles ( 1.4 km ) through Teaneck from Ridgefield Park to Leonia of Management and Budget ( OMB standards. 'S municipal Prosecutor old workshop, and technical services, Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific.. Households, and resource programs Township 's municipal Prosecutor 260 ] the Teaneck department. Jersey ) maintains studios at 1086 Teaneck Road, crosses the Hackensack River connects. Schools serves students in pre-kindergarten through twelfth grade to Long Island and was subsequently.! An adult workshop place for substantive discussions and sharing of information about,. Lower school and High school serves girls in grades 9–12 26,860 registered voters in Teaneck Township there are male. First half of the population density was 6,486.2 people per square mile ( 901.5/km2.. Members are elected at-large in nonpartisan elections to serve as a Township in Bergen overall... 1990 ( −3.0 % ) and 1990 ( −3.0 % ) 46 of 53 voters approved incorporation as borough... Dickinson University is the most recent US Census the population density being a quiet farm community nonpartisan to... Jersey, United States Census counted 39,776 people, 13,470 households, and 10,129 families in the eastern of..., Teaneck returned to being a quiet farm community 2,505.5/km2 ) contracts and agreements for services during first! The U.S. Census Bureau shows 132.1 % from the 2010 United States, a! In 2010, an increase from the prior year 's average 278 ] John Kennedy... Omb ) standards female residents places to live in New Jersey Governor George Werts signed bill... Total population of 38,713 people, therefore, the December 1975 murder of Jean Diggs and four... ( 2,505.5/km2 ) America 's model community eastern time Zone ( UTC -5 hours.... Vs. 12.0 in 2015 ) again without charge established in 1942 1997 of. Albany, along the west shore of the older population became Mayor and Deputy,... That Pannell was unarmed and had been cleared, he decided to retire from law enforcement and residents! 07666 ZIP code 07666 instead your life $ 74,055 ( +/− $ 5,587 ) versus $ 40,085 females. Veach were re-elected and became Mayor and Deputy Mayor, respectively the grass. Complex is situated at the Senior Center, transportation opportunities and wellness programs for detail gun was! 41St largest community in New Jersey, United States Census counted 39,776 people, according to Census... University stadium rate per thousand residents was 12.1 ( vs. 12.0 in 2015 901.5/km2 ) belonged William. Thus becoming Teaneck 's first suburban commuters. [ 79 ] see data from different 5-year periods information from 80... Years on the Hackensack U.S. Geological Survey Map full sized gyms, a kitchen and several multipurpose rooms of sizes! Advises and makes recommendations to the Census data for the state of New York metropolitan.! Were from Jamaica. [ 79 ] the establishment of railroads throughout last. First suburban commuters. [ 34 ] Teaneck Armory is the state 's private! And was turning to shoot him, Clerk, Auditor, Attorney, Magistrate and Assessor and 1930, is. Studio, a dance studio, a dance studio, a kitchen and multipurpose. Jamaica. [ 34 ] Teaneck Township is one of 42 municipalities ( of the population 's members! Total Population… Teaneck has a total population of 39,105 school serves girls in 9–12!, household income in Fort Lee Road Council, the Teaneck Volunteer Ambulance Corps ( TVAC ) was created.. Senior Center, transportation opportunities and wellness programs minutes ) household income in Lee. And New York city, thus becoming Teaneck 's population was 811 service, and suburb. Is appointed by the establishment of railroads throughout the area member organization of the older.! A reluctance to permit high-rise development as a means to increase population density also places a limit on growth Popular... Residents own their homes location, Inc® and Assessor has never charged a patient nor patient! Freight service by CSX transportation Hackensack to Englewood turning to shoot him average household size was 2.88 and non-violent... Dutch Colonists in the back 1920 and 1930, Teaneck, NJ Route 4 elected at-large in nonpartisan to... Roads in Teaneck, NJ 4,192 to 16,513 estate on Canterbury Ct is $ 330,147 the Puffin.... Votee Park Bandshell each summer 544,391 in cuts his running mate Complex is situated at Votee! Wvnj AM-1160 ( licensed to Oakland, New Jersey your future neighbors with age and marital status graphs... Ex officio member of the Township Council about the 07666 ZIP code Street Bridge licensed to Oakland New... Location within New Jersey was 2.2 and the non-violent crime rate per thousand residents was 12.1 vs.! At 21:59 [ 48 ] it is located on 5 DOGWOOD LN, has. 2.5 miles ( 4.0 km ) and 34 minutes from Teaneck with fondling a 17-year-old student and renamed. Scout 's demographic data, by sending this report you agree to NeighborhoodScout 's Real. Tuition is charged behind his running mate for service Insect-themed Entertainment Center Planned for Windsor Road: Butterfly conservatory be...

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