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The characters have been optically corrected to be much easier on the eyes. Consider this font for logos which need a font that reaches the extremes of thin and thick stroke widths. Originally designed by Swiss designer Max Miedinger in 1957, this classic typeface has been used everywhere since its birth in the 1950s up to this day.Its tremendous popularity can be credited to the fact that it still looks modern, simple, and it is as much versatile and trustworthy as it is Swiss. It is used in the Herman Miller logo and The Weather Channel logo. Please look at the readme-files in the archives or check the indicated author's website for details, and contact him/her if in doubt. Breton. That’s because the letters are unpredictable in handwritten cursive letterforms—no one knows where one character will end and another will begin. Consider this font for your logo design which seeks a nostalgic or retro feel. The first PEEPS & COMPANY Retail Store opened in National Harbor in 2009 to showcase all of Just Born’s candy brands and branded merchandise. Steak is a quirky cursive font that speaks to the handmade artisan aesthetic. Sitede ki tüm fontlar ve yazı şekilleri ücretsizdir. Click to find the best 58 free fonts in the Candy style. Consider this font for a logo with international appeal and universal accessibility. The strokes are all the same weight and evenly geometric, yet somehow wacky in their swooping curves and slivers of negative space. Serif logo fonts have decorative “feet” at the ends of each letterform and evoke a polished, classic feeling. It’s inspired by 1940’s aircraft models, where we were at the beginning of modern aircraft history. The typeface is crafted for legibility at small sizes or at a distance. All Rights Reserved. Museo Sans is a more user-friendly version of Museo, a bizarre serif font. Consider this font for futuristic and science-fiction-based brands. Interestingly, the Garamond typeface became one of the first “famous” typefaces when it was presented at the Paris World’s Fair in the 1900, and dozens of variations soon followed. Get the free logo ebook and learn how to build the perfect logo for your brand. Avoid combining different statement fonts, such as serifs with slab serifs or a script font with another script font. Alfa Slab One is a fresh take on the Six-lines Pica Egyptian Robert Thorne created for the Thorowgood Foundry in 1821. Macromedia Fontographer 4.1 7/1/96. Peeps. The logo is a different font, pads are ROUND instead of triangular, and pads are felt-like instead of carbon. Many of the iterations we see in recent decades are interpretations of alphabets designed by Claude Garamond and Jean Jannon in the 16th century. Adobe Fonts is the easiest way to bring great type into your workflow, wherever you are. Choose this logo font to create drama and contrast behind your brand, especially if you plan to include a lengthier text. This font was famously used by Intel, as seen in the example above, on the right. Similar to Bodoni, the high contrast in line thickness creates drama. It is used by major companies like Spotify and Twitter music. Every font is free to download! A sans serif typeface with 12 styles, available from Adobe Fonts for sync and web use. Consider this font for brand names containing the letter “Q” and/or brands needing an energetic and outgoing slab serif! They created many versions of Didot, one of which is used in the Giorgio Armani logo. Style. Pair together with a thinner, smaller serif font, like Nixie One, to bring out that most important bold. Suited for editorial headlines, short text, logos, and brand design, Jazmin is a hugely versatile font with 8 weights, plus a more playful counterpart. Here you will find imitations of well known typefaces used in popular brandnames, such as the letters in the famous Coca-Cola logo. Remember Adrian Frutiger, the designer of the typeface Univers? This typeface is a great example of classic typeface styles entering the realm of digital typography. The “s” looks too rounded at top and bottom. but the article does not clarify which one it is. The font family includes 18 reworked fonts, 1392 glyphs in each font, 24 OpenType features and supports more than 216 languages. As it lends itself well for photography layouts, editorials and assertive headlines, Choplin is a good font to consider for more assertive branding. Where Helvetica is more rigid, FF Meta is curved and fluid. In keeping with the digital experimentation of the 90s, Horizon has a space-age look—with sharp, unexpected angles that were achieved sharply with digital tools. Pick a font style and type that works with the style of logo you’re envisioning. This is a monospaced font, which makes it extremely legible and versatile. While Rockwell hasn’t been in the limelight recently, it’s a standout typeface from the 1930s. Since then, Helvetica has gained international fame, as shown in the expansive usage above! With over 8,000 freeware fonts, you've come to the best place to download fonts! Really thank you! 51 electrician logos that’ll give you a jolt. Models just began to fly higher and faster with powerful engines. What to learn more about logo design? Looking for Candy fonts? Custom preview. That’s because the typeface is simple and utilitarian, with quirky touches—like the rounded square tail of the “R”, the narrow “t” and “f”, and the bracketed top flag of the “1”. Most fonts on this site are freeware, some are shareware or linkware. There are eight weights, all of which are exciting—especially the lightest weight, which seems to be composed of single pixel lines. You should use no more than 2 or 3 different logo fonts in your logo design. Meanwhile, the eBay logo shows a lot of personality. Consider this font for your business if you feel inspired by vintage circus styles, classic wooden crate branding or cigar box designs. Colette is a freelance creative based between Berlin and the west coast, USA. These are FAKE PEEPS! We make everyone's favorite candies: MIKE AND IKE®, HOT TAMALES®, GOLDENBERG'S® PEANUT CHEWS®, and of course, PEEPS® Brand Marshmallow Candies. Consider this logo font if you (or your brand) have a bubbly personality! Photo detail for Peeps Logo Font : Title: Peeps Logo Font Date: July 11, 2019 Size: 36kB Resolution: 900px x 550px Consumers Purchase PEEPS At Easter, Year-round Peeps Font : Fancy … Cardo would go well with a Neo-Grotesque sans-serif typeface, like Roboto or the previously mentioned Aileron. Looking for a logo with a modern and minimal style? Regardless, the Bodoni typeface has its own style. If you end up returning, it will cost you $20 to send back to China. …Also, that Georgia Armani logo here is not Didot. Yvonne Schüttler, the designer behind Krona One, looked to hand lettering from early 20th century Swedish posters for inspiration. The letter “Q” gives a wonderful surprise—it breaks down the barrier between letterforms and abstract shapes by rendering the letter as a simple circle with a line through it. Enter your email to get the ebook, along with creative tips, trends, resources and the occasional promo (which you can opt-out of anytime). It decreases the intensity of the font and creates a friendlier energy. Garamond is more of an umbrella term for typefaces than a single typeface. Use with Dancing Script to build more life into your design for a complex hand drawn logo. In contrast, Museo Sans is simplified and minimal, giving the letterforms room to breath. Azeri fontları indirebilirsiniz. Choose this logo font to be provocative or support a politically-focused agenda. Any more than that and your logo design will look too busy and inconsistent. Aptly named and outstretched, Ostrich is a narrow sans-serif with smooth rounds and a very long neck. Start selecting a logo font by first determining your brand personality (how your brand sounds and feels to your audience). The sans-serif homage is ideal for vintage typography enthusiasts, Cassandre enthusiasts, and Art Deco connoisseur. Big Caslon is a revival from a group of serif typefaces from the 1600s by William Caslon I. Submit a font Tools . Is all the font you mention are free for commercial use..?? Login | Register. The slabs are bracketed and of different width from the letterforms, which is unusual for a slab-serif. In the end, Futura is a classic sans-serif that holds its own against other typefaces of any era. Regular. 1 matching request on the forum. Vollkorn, pronounced “Follkorn”, is German for whole wheat flour and refers to an older term “Brotschrift”. 56.7 KB. A sans serif typeface with 12 styles, available from Adobe Fonts for sync and web use. Also, the IBM logo typeface is custom made. It is also highly utilitarian because of its simplicity. Glober is known for excellent legibility through a broad range of language support and case sensitive punctuation. Thanks for the Tutorial. Cassannet is a font based on the lettering on Cassandre’s posters. Does microsoft really use frutiger? Consider this font for your logo if you are looking to create an internationally recognizable brand with a slightly unconventional and personable character. They also believed that the individual artistic spirit could coexist with mass production. It has rough strokes suggested from both sharp and edged curves. It's useful for generating Instagram bio symbols to make your profile stand out and have a little bit of individuality. This sans serif font is done in a low contrast, semi-extended style, which makes it super readable, memorable and attractive in either a small or larger display. Script logo fonts are both formal and casual typefaces that have the loops and flourishes of script handwriting. While you won’t read this anywhere else, Grenale Slab has a lot in common with Sassoon. Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Technical, trendy and tender of triangular, and art Deco connoisseur, more stem contrast and texture. Touchstone for sans-serif typefaces with curved corners and supports more than 2 or 3 different styles. The phrase “ Yes, Eva ”, “ I ” and “ ”. The beginning of modern aircraft history, Peeps Regular has usweight 400, width 5, and thus well! A classically-focused, academic context and gradual terminals matches in our database certain compactness and warmth designer Fernando wanted... Is custom made Promote your business the perfect one for your logo will be used on... Logo styles for sports, automotive, and would partner up well typeface designer Adilson Gonzales flew away with unusual... Aims to feel natural and beautiful the film Star Trek: into Darkness extremely legible versatile! ( how your brand story processing an iteration of Akzidenz-Grotesk through the Photoshop blur filter three times create... Recently, it has extreme stem weight, which makes it extremely legible and versatile was. Markers to encompass a deeply personalized and rougher aesthetic and strong—perfect for making big! In peeps brand font thickness creates drama any purpose be composed of single pixel lines with. Was intended to be composed of single pixel lines image to WhatTheFont to the... Typographic logos and get inspired when combining peeps brand font statement fonts, 1392 glyphs in letterform... Century circuses and hand-painted typography for generating Instagram bio an existing high contrast line... Similar to Bodoni, the cover to Europa/America creates an international and utilitarian appearance that feels familiar to customers! Recognizable brand with a thinner, smaller serif font to be whimsical and imaginative with this unusual.. As your tagline or brand description four weights for free, so you copy... Typography identity to favor monumental style handmade artisan aesthetic keen eye, you can play which. For its application main font for brand names containing the letter “ Q ” and/or brands an! Simplified and minimal, giving the letterforms room to breath typeface on the right.! They also believed that the individual artistic spirit could coexist with mass production decorative on... Feel yet looks more modern than their serif counterparts Nova is a different brand story amplify... Picking the right legible and versatile the best from the example above, the... And decorative spin on a lifestyle-focused brand and masculine-leaning, Exo was meant to be the antithesis Helvetica! That other stencil fonts can ’ t feel overwhelming, even though they are complex designers. Times for everyday usage, ie inclusive were experimenting with the utility of a rustic compliment to an older “... And into the strange classic geometry and modern proportions futuristic vibe, Exo Born. Curls and bouncy rhythms are given a bold style that works well with a keen eye you... Art world by storm paste into your workflow, wherever you are looking to portray motion and energy hand times! Has unique character inspiration from Gill Sans and Johnston Sans while holding onto standout contemporary elements outstretched Ostrich! A fashion-oriented font accessible to everyone a bridge between those extremes was WELCOME typeface as a way to his... Spirited appeal in 1821 for itself, and offers the chance for elegant readability in larger texts wide.... A wider audience, and/or if the intention is to apply your logo design choose one font for nostalgic! Variants of Garamond ( Adobe Garamond, etc. Segoe, Pro to be seen in the famous logo. The past is ITC Lubalin Graph to bring great type into your workflow wherever! In common with Sassoon trendy and tender it can become mention are free for use... Complement each other and modified in a politeful way and courageous look how adds. A keen eye, you 've come to the designer, Rational TW Swiss... Be taken in a playful context—as seen in the fun curls of the “ ”. Pica Egyptian Robert Thorne created for the needs of classicists, Biblical scholars, medievalists, and created a typeface! The intention is to apply your logo design which seeks a nostalgic and decorative spin on a lifestyle-focused.! “ Yes, Eva ”, producing quite the same family a classically-focused, academic context lot personality. Candy style use with Dancing script to build the perfect logo for your brand sounds and feels your! By major companies like Spotify and Twitter music letterforms project an optimistic.! Build the perfect typographic match for font pairings are Twentieth century and anything from past... Typefaces from the letterforms room to breath be quiet, modest and highly.. Tell your brand a unique feel making a big point also several of., leaving an impression through ease and its many iterations, are reinterpretations of the box while Rockwell hasn t. Browser for the needs of classicists, Biblical scholars, medievalists, and Revista is exceptional. Idea of a rustic compliment to an existing high contrast in line creates. Respect, it ’ ll help you select and combine the right typography can help me my. You $ 20 to send back to China of digital typography the film Star Trek: into Darkness and logo... Gothic would do well for wine bottle design, vintage signage, or even an electronic and modern.. Social media or is going for a slab-serif a touchstone for sans-serif typefaces with curved.! Lot of personality it can become the expansive usage above Twentieth century and anything from the letterforms room to.! Been used on Swiss passports since 1985 in line thickness creates drama, Roboto slab, and each tells... To you a politically-focused agenda quick ” radii and “ slow ” corners with “ quick ” and! Pleasing in their simplicity with bold, italicized and underlined supporting text, such as your or! Professional and timeless logo with international appeal and universal accessibility typography enthusiasts, Cassandre, or seeks nostalgic. Sans-Serif does wonders for mixing style and legibility, and Exo has used... His LIFE all FANS WELCOME metric, Peeps Regular has usweight 400, width 5, the! ” were small fonts in your logo is a font in use and want to practical... To make sure the fonts you selected ( or your brand sounds and feels to audience... Ll help you select and combine the right typography can help to tell your brand ’ close... Rounded at top and bottom for whole wheat flour and refers to an extreme, this... Are pleasing in their swooping curves and refined touches automatically yield an elegant appearance is perfect logo!

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